GMA: Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, How Women Can Be Ambitious In Workplace


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Woman In the Workplace

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, was on Good Morning America March 11 2013 to talk about women in the workplace. On March 12 2013, GMA aired a talk Sheryl Sandberg gave to a group of women who had questions on how they could better succeed in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg recently wrote a book, Lean In, on the importance of women taking charge of their careers. Now, some women had questions for her.

GMA: Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, How Women Can Be Ambitious In Workplace

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, said that women need to work together to be taken more seriously in the workplace. Her book, Lean In, is all about women taking charge of their careers.


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Feeling Insecure

Robin Roberts asked the women in the room how many of them feel like they don’t lean in or try to take charge in the workplace. Many women put their hands up and one woman put two hands up. Sheryl Sandberg said she wasn’t surprised, because she sometimes feels insecure and feels like she can’t do something, even with all the success she’s had. She said, “As women, we’re taught to downplay our success.”

Sheryl Sandberg: Changing Careers

The woman who raised two hands said she’s been teaching for a long time, but she wants to change careers. Sheryl Sandberg said that when you sit across the table from a prospective employer, they are trying to decide if you can do the job. The only thing that will convince them is if you yourself are convinced. She said to believe in yourself, and she said she believed that women could do it.

Sheryl Sandberg: Why Women Don’t Get Mentoring

One woman asked why more women don’t have mentors in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg said one of the biggest reasons is that a lot of male managers become uncomfortable alone in a room with a woman and that’s exactly what they’d have to do if they were mentoring that woman. She also used the example that two men at a bar looks like mentoring, but a woman and a man at a bar looks like a date.


Sheryl Sandberg: Work Life Balance For Single Women

One single woman said that every time someone talks about work life balance, the conversation is always about married life and kids. She asked how can we change the conversation to incorporate single women into that conversation. Sheryl Sandberg said this is a great question, because a lot of people overlook single women in this conversation and their lives are just as legitimate.

GMA: How To Be Taken Seriously At Meetings

One woman asked how a woman can be taken seriously at a meeting. Sheryl Sandberg said that women are interrupted more than men and when a woman has ideas at a meeting, often a man will say the same thing later. Sheryl Sandberg said that the best thing for women to do is to work together to encourage ideas and support one another in the boardroom.

What do you think? If you’re a woman, do you feel like you’re taken seriously in meetings? Why do you think there hasn’t been an increase in female leadership across corporate America in 10 years, despite women getting more college degrees for the past 30 years?


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