GMA: Facebook Home Announced & Miranda Kerr Leaving Victoria’s Secret?


GMA: Miranda Kerr Leaving Victoria’s Secret?

Good Morning America reported April 11 2013 Miranda Kerr may be leaving Victoria’s Secret. The 30-year-old model has held a spot in Victoria’s Secret since 2007 when she made history, becoming the first-ever Australian model to sign with the lingerie empire. But now, there are claims that Victoria’s Secret may not be renewing her contract. Both Miranda Kerr and Victoria’s Secret both denied the rumors, although kind of in a sneaky way. Victoria’s Secret said it had “no plans to stop working with her” and Miranda Kerr’s people said she had a lot of commitments that have “kept her away” from Victoria’s Secret more than the company would like. But GMA was quick to point that models like television personality Tyra Banks and superhero Heidi Klum eventually hung up their wings and became even more famous.

GMA: Facebook Home Announced & Miranda Kerr Leaving Victoria's Secret?

Are you one of those people who is always on Facebook? Then you might like Facebook Home, a new product that puts Facebook right at your fingertips the second you pick up your phone.


GMA: Deals & Steals

GMA had plenty of deals and steals April 11 2013 available exclusively on their website while supplies last. First up was a recycled, reversible rug with a variety of patterns to choose from, normally $66-100, depending on the one you choose, now $33-80. Then there were lunch bags and totes from Totes, starting at just $6. The crowd really cheered for the next item, an assortment of Omega Blenders, starting at just $70. Finally, there was a 12 piece set of Emeril pots and pans, normally $200, but now just $90.

GMA: Facebook Home Announced

Facebook announced their new app “Facebook Home,” a new software that is an operating system for your phone. It’ll put your Facebook newsfeed on your phone’s home screen. Anything on Facebook will be at the touch of your fingertips, including photographs, chat and status updates. But the biggest problem is obvious: if you’re only casually using Facebook, this device may not be helpful for you. It’s only if you’re one of those people who is always checking their newsfeed or updating their status that it becomes useful.

Although, in the opinion of this writer, the biggest thing that this announcement seems to signal is what comes next. If it’s successful, will there be software where Google is your phone’s home screen? Or Twitter? Maybe that’s the next big revolution of cell phones.



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