GMA: Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy Reunite for Before Midnight Trilogy


North America Discovery Series Takes an High Definition Look at Wildlife

In a new mini-series, North America is on display. The new discovery miniseries took three years to shoot, said Huw Cordey, producer of the series and author of the companion book. It seems like nature was a diva to work with.

The videos and photos of the series are remarkable. You may think that North America is just cities and suburbs, but there are deserts and meadows, deer and lizards, sand dunes and stargazing. It’s mesmerizing.


GMA: Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy Reunite for Before Midnight Trilogy

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawe reunited for Before Midnight, the third film in their romance series. They have no idea that it would spark such a following. (cinemafestival /

Cordey said this is the first time that someone has taken a look at all of North America in this way. From Panama to Northern Canada, creatures and environments are documented and observed through an HD lens. The series is definitely not one to miss. You can catch the seven-part series starting this Sunday, May 19 on Discovery.

Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy Revisit Romance in Before Midnight

18 years after their first meeting, a couple has their love into a trilogy. In Before Midnight, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their roles that began in Before Sunset. The actors said they had no idea that they would be doing these parts almost 20 years after the first film.


“It’s the lowest grossing film of all time to ever garner a threequel,” Hawke said.

This new film shows Celine (Deply) and Jesse (Hawke) living in Greece in a long term relationship. The characters have acquired a loyal following and many supporters of their romance. The first two films were about romantic projection and achieving love, said Hawke. This film sees the characters in a relationship after a long will-they-won’t-they.

Before Midnight Review

Filming the series in Greece was a nice change, Delpy said. The first two were filmed in big cities. They wanted a beautiful setting, one that they could show off while telling a story.

This movie has inspired a few marriages and children, Julie Delpy said. Ethan Hawke said that these films are slightly inspired by their own lives. They’ve both gone through romance and relationship troubles, so they did pull from their own experiences to fine tune the roles.

Before Midnight opens Friday May 24.


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