GMA: Emily Maynard & Jeff Holm & Katie Holmes After Divorce


GMA: “Bachelorette” Couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm

When Bachelorette Emily Maynard accepted Jef Holm’s proposal on the finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette, it seemed like a fairy tale  ending. However, as is often the case with Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, their road appeared to become rocky after their relationship moved from the show to the glaring eyes of the real world. Now, with cheating rumors rocking the couple and magazine headlines making claims of infidelity and tears, what’s really going on with Emily and Jef? The couple appeared on GMA September 7 to separate fact from fiction.

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm: “Better Than Ever”

Katie Holmes Divorce: Good Morning America

We learned about how Katie Holmes is faring after her divorce from Tom Cruise on GMA. (s_bukley /


Jef and Emily sat down with Lara Spencer to declare that all of the rumors surrounding them are just that: rumors. Emily was shocked to hear all of the lies that had been circulating, but assured that she and Jef are “better than ever.”

Jef has just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where Emily lives with her seven-year-old daughter. The couple are even beginning their wedding plans; Emily said she hopes to have “good music, good food, and lots of family” to celebrate her marriage to Jef.

Sadly, Jef confirmed that many of the rumors and magazine articles are actually coming from his own brother, who has been speaking out against him. Jef admitted that he’s not sure why his brother would spread lies about him, but that he continues to have a relationship with him.


Jef Holm People Water Review

Jef is focused most of all on his company, People Water. For every bottle purchased, a bottle of clean water will be sent to someone in need in another country. It’s a great cause that Jef is passionate about, and he was able to take his fiance with him on a recent trip to Ghana. Emily said that traveling to Africa reminded her of what’s important in life.

Could Emily and Jef be an exception to the Bachelorette break-up rule? Looks like it!

GMA: Katie Holmes After Divorce

GMA September 7 also reported on Katie Holmes, who made her first public appearance since her divorce at the third annual Style Awards. Katie is keeping busy with a new fashion line and a collaboration with Bobbi Brown. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Katie discussed lending her face to the Bobbi Brown ad campaign and developing her line, Holmes & Yang. Katie’s first fashion show is set to take place at New York fashion week, and she said that her clothes are “real women who want to look pretty and have it be easy.”

GMA: DJ Steve Porter Mash-Up

The GMA team showed off the latest mash-up by DJ Steve Porter that featured highlights from the show. It included this month’s celebrity guests, musical performances such as the Backstreet Boys and No Doubt, and the departure of Robin Roberts. George was happy to report that Robin is doing well in treatment, and when she returns, she will be stronger than ever. Get well soon, Robin!


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