GMA: Emeli Sande Performs “Next To Me” At Elton John Oscar After-Party


GMA: Sam Champion Oscar After-Parties

Sam Champion followed the stars to the Oscar after-parties. There were three major parties that he attended: Elton John’s party, Vanity Fair’s party and The Academy’s Governors Ball. The Governors Ball had 1500 guests with meals prepared by 300 chefs. Jennifer Lawrence told the head chef she loved the soup in the montage of clips from the party they showed on GMA February 25 2013. It’s also now a tradition for Oscar winners to get their statues engraved right at the party.

Elton John’s party was a fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has raised over $300 million since 1992 when the organization started. Elton John said he hopes to raise more money, because the battle isn’t won yet.


GMA: Emeli Sande Performs "Next To Me" At Elton John Oscar After-Party

Emeli Sande took Elton John’s Oscar party by storm with her soulful folky R&B music. (Mr Pics /

Every Oscar nominee is automatically invited to the Vanity Fair party, which Reese Witherspoon said was fun because she got to see all her friends. Sam Champion asked people which party was best. Halle Berry rooted for the Vanity Fair party, because it was near her house. The answer to which party was the best seemed to be pretty subjective.

Emeli Sande: Elton John’s Oscar Party

Emeli Sande was the musician who performed at Elton John’s party and reportedly took it by storm. She said she was thrilled to attend the Oscars, where she sat next to not only Elton John, but Bono from U2 as well. She said it was an amazing night.


GMA: Emeli Sande “Next To Me” Performance

It was easy to see why Emeli Sande was such a hit at Elton John’s party. Her performance of “Next To Me” was confident and beautiful. Emeli Sande’s performance and song fell somewhere between the current folk-rock craze sweeping the world and the confident pop divas of the 1990s. You could hear both Mariah Carey and Of Monsters and Men in her performance, which is a crazy and wonderful mix-up. It’s easy to see why Elton John asked her to perform at his party. Emeli Sande’s soulful R&B is both modern and old. It’s a pleasant mixture that has something for just about everyone.


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