GMA: Dorothy Hamill, Tristan MacManus & Dancing With The Stars


GMA: Dorothy Hamil & Tristan MacManus Dancing With The Stars

Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and her Dancing With The Stars trainer and partner Tristan MacManus stopped by Good Morning America March 11 2013  to talk about the training for the show. Dorothy Hamill has been skating in the Stars On Ice show and just finished the season.

Up until now, she’s been juggling both, but she’s just focusing on Dancing With The Stars from here on out. Tristan MacManus said that she’s doing great at training. He said that it’s a different discipline and doing the double duty of two different training routines has been difficult for Dorothy Hamill.


Good Morning America: Dorothy Hamill Biggest Competition

GMA: Dorothy Hamill, Tristan MacManus & Dancing With The Stars

Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and her Dancing With The Stars partner and trainer Tristan MacManus stopped by GMA March 11 2013 to talk about the show and Dorothy Hamill’s training. (s_bukley /

Lara Spencer asked Dorothy Hamill who her biggest competition was. She said she wasn’t sure, because everyone has been doing their own thing up until now. Lara Spencer asked if she thought maybe Aly Raisman would be a challenge. “I’m sure she’s going to be fabulous,” Dorothy Hamill said.

GMA: Dorothy Hamill Hardest Part Of Learning Dancing

Dorothy Hamill said that hardest part of learning the dancing for Dancing With The Stars is how different the movements are. She said she’s used to having heavy skates on while she moves. “I don’t do well in shoes,” Dorothy Hamill said. “I spent most of my life in ice skates.”


Good Morning America: Dorothy Hamill Signature Move

Lara Spencer said that she remembered how wonderful Dorothy Hamill’s signature move, the “Hamill Camel,” looked on the ice and she said the two of them should come up with a signature dance move like that. Tristan MacManus said he’d been trying to find a way to incorporate the Hamill Camel into the performances. Lara Spencer suggested they spin on their heads.

GMA: Dorothy Hamill Contemporary Dancing

Lara Spencer said that since the first dance for the show is the contemporary dance, she asked if they could give us an idea of what to look forward to. Tristan MacManus said that contemporary is something that’s new for both of them, but he said it’s the dance that he thinks is closest to ice skating, so it’ll be good for them.


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