GMA: Don Cheadle Iron Man 3 and Pain & Gain Director Michael Bay


Good Morning America: Pain & Gain Review

Good Morning America previewed upcoming pop culture musts, including shocking twists on ABC’s Revenge, a true life story in the movie Pain & Gain (directed by Michael Bay), and Don Cheadle’s return for Iron Man 3.

GMA: Gabriel Mann & Revenge

From ABC’s primetime soap Revenge, Gabriel Mann was in Times Square to talk about his millionaire character, Nolan Ross. The show will have a two-hour season finale. New episodes return April 28, after a few weeks off.


GMA: Don Cheadle Iron Man 3 and Pain & Gain Director Michael Bay

Good Morning America previewed upcoming movies, including Pain & Gain with action director Michael Bay, and Don Cheadle’s return for the Iron Man 3 sequel. (Featureflash /

“There is going to be fireworks. There are going to be revenge plots that go down,” he said. Plus, his character, Nolan Ross, will start a new relationship, and someone from the cast may be leaving the show after the season finale.

Mann said that you can never be sure whether anyone is ever dead on Revenge, which can be seen Sunday nights on ABC.


Good Morning America: Michael Bay Pain & Gain

Director Michael Bay is taking a break from action to direct the new movie Pain & Gain. You’ve seen his work in Transformers and Armageddon. Now he’s taking on a more comedic film, based on a true story.

Pumped-up bodybuilders go after the “American dream in all the wrong ways,” Bay said. The charming criminals are based on real people, and the strange true details shine through in the movie.

Mark Wahlberg put on 40 pounds to bulk up with his co-star Dwayne Johnson. Pain & Gain opens April 26 2013 in theaters.

GMA: Don Cheadle Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is coming soon to theaters, and Don Cheadle stars as Tony Stark’s best friend. He talked with Robin Roberts live on GMA.

“Being able to come back and actually be out of the suit…was a lot of fun for me,” Cheadle said.

The Iron Patriot gets a makeover for the new movie, but Cheadle said the new suit is not any lighter than the previous one.

Good Morning America: Don Cheadle & Robert Downey Jr.

A lighthearted clip from the new movie got laughs from the crew on the GMA set. Roberts talked about Cheadle’s chemistry with co-star Robert Downey Jr. “It’s great to take the energy that we have off camera onto the screen as well,” he said. “It’s fun to have that dynamic in the movie.”

Cheadle said that the third installment culminates their characters’ friendship and how they work together. Roberts said it’s impossible to typecast or pigeonhole Cheadle. You can see it on the screen in Iron Man 3, opening May 3 2013.


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