GMA: Diogo Morgado Twitter & Roma Downey Plays Mary On The Bible Show


GMA: The Cast Of The Bible

The cast of The Bible joined Lara Spencer on Good Morning America March 28, including co-producer and actress Roma Downey, who plays Jesus’ mother Mary, Darwin Shaw, who plays Peter, Diogo Morgado, who plays Jesus and Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who plays Samson’s mother.

GMA: Roma Downey The Bible 

GMA: Diogo Morgado Twitter & Roma Downey Plays Mary In The Bible Show

Diogo Morgado has the daunting task of playing Jesus on The Bible and seems to be pleasing at least one subset of the audience, who have given him his own hashtag, #hotjesus. (Debby Wong /


Lara Spencer asked Roma Downey about the popularity of the show. Roma Downey said that they believe by Easter Sunday about 100 million people will have watched all five episodes of The Bible. Last month, she was on GMA with her husband, fellow co-producer Mark Burnett, and she mentioned how her kids thought The 10 Commandments were cheesy, which is one of the reasons they wanted to do the show. She said she thought the fresh visual retelling of the greatest story was one of the reasons it was so popular. She also said it’s began a dialogue.

GMA: Roma Downey Playing Mary

Roma Downey said she’s a mother herself, but she’s also loved Jesus and Mary her whole life. She said she played the role with “a mother’s heart.” She also said she’s loved Diogo Morgado like a son.

GMA: Diogo Morgado Twitter

Lara Spencer asked if she could embarrass Diogo Morgado by pointing out he’s become quite popular on Twitter with his own hashtag, #hotjesus. “It’s official. I am embarrassed,” Diogo Morgado said.


GMA: Diogo Morgado Playing Jesus

Diogo Morgado said he plays the character by recognizing that it’s not a role, it’s a figure alive for billions around the world. He said he played the role with that understanding. He said that none of the actors were expecting the success of the show. He also said that when he got the role, he had to take a breath and relax before he could call his parents to let them know he got it.

The other two actors didn’t say a word and were only addressed by Lara Spencer at the end when she told them they’d done an amazing job with their roles. I wish GMA had given them more time. I would’ve liked to hear what they had to say.

Are you watching The Bible? Are you going to be watching it on Easter Sunday?


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