GMA: Diane Kruger The Host Review & Are Aliens Good Guys In the Movie?


GMA: Diane Kruger The Host Review

It’s been a very Twihard-friendly week on Good Morning America, as Stephenie Meyer herself was on earlier in the week, followed by The Host stars Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons yesterday. Admittedly, I’m not sure if “Twihard” is still applicable when we’re discussing Stephenie Meyer’s works outside of Twilight, but if you love Meyer, you’re probably also loving GMA this week. And you’re in good company, Twihards: another big fan of Twilight is Diane Kruger.

The Host actress told Lara Spencer on Good Morning America March 28 2013 that she was a Twilight fan herself, saying she was “totally Team Edward.” She also said she loves a good sci-fi film.


GMA: Diane Kruger The Host Review & Are Aliens Good Guys In the Movie?

Diane Kruger stopped by GMA March 28 2013 to talk about her new film, The Host, and whether the aliens in the movie are really the bad guys. (Jaguar PS /

GMA: Diane Kruger Sci-Fi Fan

Diane Kruger said she calls herself a geek and that she loves sci-fi. She said she went to Comic Con wearing a Darth Vadar mask. Lara Spencer asked if it was because she loved Darth Vadar or because she didn’t want to get recognized. She said it was a little bit of both.

This story reminds me of the story Chris Tucker told on Ellen earlier this year about Michael Jackson going to the mall in a Spider-Man mask. I wonder how often celebrities disguise themselves in the guise of well-known franchise characters.


Diane Kruger: Aliens Bring Good As Well As Bad

The aliens in The Host bring good as well as bad. Diane Kruger said that the aliens perfected our world. There’s no more war and no more pollution. “So who’s really the bad guy?”

This statement really makes me wonder what The Host is about. Not being a Twihard myself (but if I was, I’d probably be Team Jacob, because Edward is creepy), I’m not familiar with The Host’s world. Is the Earth in The Host taken over by aliens? I should look into that.

Anyway, Diane Kruger said she liked that the world of The Host isn’t necessarily black and white, because it’s hard to tell who is really the good guy in the story.

GMA: Diane Kruger Twilight Fans

Diane Kruger said that it’s been an interesting experience meeting Twilight fans, because she’s never made teenage films before. She said at a poster signing at a mall she even got asked out on a date and people gave her presents.”I’m totally ready for teenage boys,” she said.


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