GMA: Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Set List & Will Beyoncé Sing Live?


GMA: Beyoncé Lip Sync Controversy

Beyoncé‘s lip sync has officially been picked apart by everyone until it just lays there, no longer holding worth. What was supposed to be a special moment in her career is now just a big water cooler moment, like Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl performance. Beyoncé has not issued a statement and it doesn’t look like she’s going to. The word on the street now is that Beyoncé plans to have her Super Bowl concert quiet the haters. But will she lip sync that too?

GMA: Destiny's Child Super Bowl Set List & Will Beyoncé Sing Live?

Beyoncé-gate continues as we get closer to her Super Bowl performance. (s_bukley /


GMA: Lip Syncing At the Super Bowl

The Black Eyed Peas sang live for their Super Bowl concert, but it was deemed a huge fail. It was hard for them to sing and dance at the same time. Am I the only one that finds this a bad excuse? They are performers that travel the world to sing and dance, so why couldn’t they do it on the Super Bowl?

Last year’s performance from Madonna was excellent, but it too was lip synced. Madonna was open about the performance, and said that she was nervous before going on and a back up track prevented any problems.

Here’s the thing I’m not understanding. If The Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and Beyoncé all make money by being performers and have performed most of their lives, why do they need a back up track? Beyoncé sings and dances all the time in concerts, she’s Sasha Fierce! It can’t be just a performance issue. If this is just a concert, why do they need a back up track? Many are now saying that Beyoncé would be crazy to not use at least one back up track. The question of 2013: Will Beyoncé sing live?


GMA: Beyoncé Super Bowl Set List

Whether she sings it live or not, these are the songs were can expect from her performance on February 3. Beyoncé will start with a solo concert, featuring “Crazy In Love.” After a solo set, she will transition into a Destiny’s Child reunion concert with a medley of “Bills Bills Bills,” “Survivor” and their new song “Nuclear.”


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