GMA: Desiree Hartstock Bachelorette & Baby Daddy Returns ABC Family


Desiree Hartstock: The Bachelorette Finds Love?

After being jilted by Sean Lowe, Desiree Hartstock is coming back on her own terms. This season, Hartstock is being courted by a magician, a soccer player and a knight in shining armor, literally.

Desiree said she was constantly being surprised and impressed by her suitors.


GMA: Desiree Hartstock Bachelorette & Baby Daddy Returns ABC Family

Desiree Hartstock returns to the love game in The Bachelorette, May 27 on ABC. She has single dads and knights fighting for her hand in marriage.

“Des is a catch and these guys know that she is the Bachelorette,” Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelorette said. “You have to make that first impression.”

These guys have stepped up their game this season, Des and Harrison agreed. One guy got down on one knee for Des, then asked if he could tie his shoe. Another man and his four-year-old son stepped out of the limo. Your heart will melt from the cute as he hands Desiree a daisy.


Desiree Hartstock said that the limo scenes were not what decided her fate with these men. She had to have conversations with them and get into their brains and hearts before making an decisions.

Desiree Hartstock Calls The Bachelor “Emotionally Draining”

Last season, Desiree called The Bachelor “emotionally draining.” While things with Sean Lowe didn’t work out, Des wanted to come back on her terms.

“I’m past those feelings with Sean and it was nice to watch it back and see what he had with Catherine,” Desiree said.

Chris Harrison called this season the best they’ve had yet. It includes the best and worst parts from the matchmaking reality series. Desiree said it shows how unpredictable love can be.

The Bachelorette airs May 27 on ABC.

Baby Daddy Season 2 on ABC Family

Season one of Baby Daddy saw Ben Wheeler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) battling through babyhood with his unexpected, but adorable, baby Emma. His pals Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler) and Tucker Dobbs (Tahj Mowry) helped and hindered his first year of fatherhood.

Baby Daddy returns to ABC Family this Wednesday for season two of baby mayhem and “aw” moments. The baby is a little older and the characters are getting used to having a baby in the wolfpack.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau & Derek Theler Real Life Roommates

As if three guys and a baby wasn’t cute enough, Bilodeau and Theler are roommates in real life.

“It’s basically a frat house,” Tahj Mowry said. He only escaped being the third roommate because he is a neat freak. He said he would die living in an apartment with his friends.

Baby Daddy Challenge: Pack & Play Set Up

The last time the Baby Daddy boys came to GMA, they were challenged to a diaper challenge. This time, they had to set up a Minnie Mouse pack and play in 30 seconds. They couldn’t even get the thing to lock together and decided to drop the finished one on top of the mangled set.

To be fair, pack and plays are a jerk to set up. You can catch season two of Baby Daddy on ABC Family Wednesday may 29.


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