GMA: Chris O’Dowd The Sapphires Movie Review & Soul Music In Ireland


GMA: Chris O’Dowd Blue Suede Shoes

Chris O’Dowd from Bridesmaids is in a new musical comedy called The Sapphires, about an all-girl soul group who performed for U.S. troops in Vietnam in the 60s. “Good morning, America!” Chris O’Dowd declared. Chris O’Dowd was wearing blue suede shoes on the show. “You know, I’ve gone for it. It’s just rock and roll.” Josh Elliott congratulated him on his new marriage. “Yeah, it’s way better than the old marriage. You know what? To hell with her!”

GMA: Chris O'Dowd The Sapphires Movie Review & Soul Music In Ireland

Chris O’Dowd is an unusual guy, but he is without a doubt hilarious. And now he’s staring in the new movie The Sapphires. (Featureflash /


Chris O’Dowd: Soul Music In Ireland

Chris O’Dowd said that The Commitments came out when he was around 12 or 13. The Irish actor said that when the film (about a bunch of working-class Dubliners who form a soul band) came out, there was a big moment in Ireland. “It was time for a change and I think everyone just went ‘We’re just black now. It’s great,'” Chris O’Dowd said. He said that movie is the reason soul music is so huge in Ireland.

GMA: Chris O’Dowd Aboriginal History

The women in the group in The Sapphires are all aboriginal women. The story is a true story. In Australia at the time, aboriginal women had barely gotten the right to vote, according to Josh Elliott. Chris O’Dowd said that the movie is written by the son of one of the women and is pretty true to the tale. “There was so much suppression or oppression at that time,” Chris O’Dowd said, going on to say that aboriginals were considered “not even real people” until 1967. He also added that he thought it was great they could take such a gloomy subject and turn it into a celebratory tale of these four women, without lending themselves too much to the more depressing parts of the story.


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