GMA: Cher Records 26th Album & Joey Fatone Predicts Winners of DWTS


GMA: Cher Finishes 26th Album At Age 66

Cher is back. Again. She recently tweeted that she has finished her 26th studio album at the age of 66, an album that breaks her decade long hiatus from making music.

Her new album is going to be released later this fall with the first single, “Women’s World,” being released this June. The album is also rumored to have collaborations with Pink, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. It will be her first album since the release of Living Proof in 2001.


Even more good news for Cher fans. She is also going to be starring in a real life drama on Lifetime focusing on her relationship with her mother.

GMA: Cher Records 26th Album & Joey Fatone Predicts Winners of DWTS

Good Morning America found out Cher is releasing her 26th album at the age of 66 after a 10 year hiatus, and Joey Fatone weighed in on Dancing with the Stars. (Image Credit: Jaguar PS,

GMA: Dancing With the Stars Recap

Dancing with the Stars aired last night and Good Morning America took a look at some of the top competitors from the performance.


Country star Kellie Pickler took the lead last night during the Stevie Wonder episode of the show. Zendaya also got a lot of praise for her moves last night, bumping her up into the top of the pack.

GMA: Joey Fatone Weighs In On Dancing With the Stars

Joey Fatone stopped by GMA to talk about what’s it like watching from home when you know what it is like being on stage. He said he gets super nervous watching the dancers on stage. He knows how they feel. There were numerous times he was backstage and completely forget every move because of his nerves but he would just start dancing when the music started, hoping the moves would come back to him.

He also said the dances are a lot harder than they look, especially when there are group dances. There were a lot of times when he would see someone take an elbow to the ribs or a foot tripping up another couple because everyone gets so bunched together.

“For people who haven’t done it, it can be very hard to get the hang of,” he said.

Joey Fatone: Predictions For Dancing With the Stars Winner

So who does Fatone think is going to win? Fatone said he is always cheering for his former partner, Kym Johnson, but he thinks either Zendaya or Kellie Pickler are going to take home the mirror ball trophy.

You can see more of Joey Fatone on his new cooking show My Family Recipe Rocks, a cooking show where he shows up at someone’s house, they cook some food and everyone enjoys.


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