GMA: Chadwick Boseman New Movie 42 & Honoring Jackie Robinson’s Memory


GMA: Chadwick Boseman 42

Chadwick Boseman, star of 42, came by Good Morning America April 15 to talk about the new film. The film was the highest-grossing of any baseball movie ever released. In honor of Jackie Robinson, every player in major league baseball will be wearing his number 42 today. Chadwick Boseman said he went to the White House for a special screening of the movie. He said that it’s great to have the movie be appreciated. Chadwick Boseman was really a man of few words. Every interview question, he seemed to choose his words very carefully and precisely.

GMA: Chadwick Boseman New Movie 42 & Honoring Jackie Robinson's Memory

Chadwick Boseman came by GMA April 15 2013 to talk about his new movie, 42, and what it was like to step into the shoes of baseball legend Jackie Robinson. (Joe Seer /


I have to wonder, with 42 being such an obvious Oscar bait movie, is Chadwick Boseman a Best Actor nominee next year? Is it too early for Oscar buzz? I haven’t seen the movie, but with all the attention it’s getting and how the subject lends itself to acclaim, it just seems like the answer may be yes. I bet his acceptance speech would be really short. Maybe just, “Thank you.”

GMA: Chadwick Boseman Getting In Shape

Chadwick Boseman said he did two rounds of training every day, baseball practice in the morning and then working out in the afternoon. He said his trainer was great. He didn’t offer what kind of shape he was in before, but he looked like a pretty athletic guy.

GMA: Chadwick Boseman vs Sidney Pointier

Jackie Robinson’s widow came up to Chadwick Boseman and told him that she thought Sidney Pointier was going to play Jackie Robinson in the original movie. He said that he didn’t think anyone could fill those shoes, but that he told her he would do his best to honor Jackie Robinson and that he’d put his “whole life into it.”



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