GMA: Bruce Willis A Good Day To Die Hard & New Baby Daughter Mabel


GMA: Bruce Willis IMAX Survey

There was an IMAX survey recently that asked movie-goers which male star they’d most like to spend Valentine’s Day with. Bruce Willis won by an overwhelming 68 percent. He was not only the favorite for female movie-goers, but male movie-goers as well.

Bruce Willis, who was on Good Morning America February 13 2013, only sighed when he was told this information.


GMA: Bruce Willis A Good Day To Die Hard & New Baby Daughter Mabel

Bruce Willis was on Good Morning America February 13 2013 to talk about his new movie and his new daughter Mabel. (s_bukley /

GMA: Bruce Willis Die Hard Series

When he was asked how many more Die Hard movies he would do, Bruce Willis responded by saying he would do 10 more. The series has already made about $1 billion.

Bruce Willis said that the tenth movie will be called Die Hard On Mars. “Hopefully science will get us there,” he said.


The new movie is called A Good Day To Die Hard and it opens February 14, 2013. It’s set in Moscow. How does Bruce Willis’ John McClane, an NYPD police officer, end up in Moscow? We’ll have to watch it to see.

GMA: Bruce Willis Kids

Bruce Willis has a new baby. Willis said that his older daughters are cruising through life and doing really well. He said that his new baby Mabel is probably knocking stuff over back at the hotel.

He said that raising a baby at 57 is kind of the same as it was when he was younger raising kids. He said he’s always up early.

GMA: Bruce Willis Making Baby Mabel Laugh

Bruce Willis said he loves to make his baby laugh. He said that if anyone is feeling sad or down, he or she just has to sing the tra la la song from The Wizard of Oz. He promised that you will either start laughing or go insane.

GMA: Bruce Willis Had a Stutter

Bruce Willis said that he had a stutter as a child and the stutter went away when he learned lines for a play. Willis said that he still has a speech impediment and when he was a kid, he thought there was something wrong with him. But he said he thinks he’s doing just fine now.


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