GMA: Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton Pregnant & Toni Lupus Update


GMA: Braxton Family Getting Dressed

Lara Spencer sat down with the Braxton family, from Braxton Family Values, to talk about their lives. The ladies said that when they get ready in the morning, they make sure they’re not wearing the same thing.

Good Morning America: Tamar Braxton Pregnant

Tamar Braxton announced on the show that she is pregnant. She wore a white dress, making her baby bump hard to see sitting down, but when she stood up and showed it off, the bump was very noticeable. She said that she feels great, but she thought that being pregnant made her eat more than she ever had before.


GMA: Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton Pregnant & Toni Lupus Update

Toni Braxton and her family came by GMA March 13 2013 to talk about their lives and to face off in a Braxton Family trivia game. (Helga Esteb /

She didn’t want to say how far along she was, but she did say she didn’t have very many more months to go. Evelyn Braxton said she was so proud. Tamar said Evelyn was her eating partner and Evelyn jokingly said Tamar was telling on her.

GMA: Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnosis

Lara Spencer asked how Toni Braxton was feeling. The Grammy Award-winning singer was recently diagnosed with lupus. She said there’s been struggles, but she’s feeling okay.


GMA: Traci Braxton Motorcycling

Traci Braxton has been motorcycling and she said it’s because when she was a kid, no one would let her. But now she’s a grown woman and can do whatever she wants.

Good Morning America: Towanda Braxton Tension With Tamar

Towanda Braxton said that even though there was some tension between her and her sister Tamar, they’re always going to love each other. She said that because they’re sisters, they’re going to fight, but they always come back to each other.

GMA: Trina Braxton Renewed Vows

Trina Braxton recently renewed her vows and said that marriage is not easy, but she thought that her marriage was a true testament of for better or worse. She said she hoped they were through the worst.

GMA: Braxton Family Game

The Braxton family squared off in a trivia game that tested how well they knew each other. Toni, Traci and Towanda were on one team and Tamar, Trina and Evelyn were on the other. The first question was about Evelyn. Last season, she was set up with a man she said was “so yummy, he had milk behind his ears.”

Lara Spencer asked what his name was. His name turned out to be Ralph, but no one, not even Evelyn, knew the answer.

Next up was, “What is Toni notorious for doing?” Trina said it was being late, which was correct, but her opponents accused her of cheating. I’m not sure why. So the point went to Toni’s team. Other questions included Trina’s song lyrics and a question about cake in Italy.

Ultimately, Toni, Traci and Towanda won the game and were awarded a gold trophy. The other ladies of the family tried to grab the trophy from them as GMA went to a commercial.


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