GMA: Brad Paisley New Album Wheelhouse & Performance With Marie Osmond


GMA: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse

Brad Paisley came by Good Morning America April 1 2013 to talk about his new album, Wheelhouse, out April 9. Lara Spencer thanked him for being game for anything on the show. Earlier in the show, he’d done an April Fools prank and thrown weather-related objects at Sam Champion as he did the weather. Lara Spencer said he fit right in and was like family. Brad Paisley said that the GMA anchors were much nicer than his family.

Brad Paisley said that in the new album, they decided “not to respect boundaries.” They wanted to really push themselves and have fun to create a good album. They turned his farmhouse into a studio and recorded right there on his farm.


GMA: Brad Paisley New Album Wheelhouse & Performance With Marie Osmond

Brad Paisley came by GMA April 1 to talk about his new album, Wheelhouse, his new tour and creating a studio in his farmhouse. Plus, there was an impromptu performance between him and Marie Osmond. (Randy Miramontez /

GMA: Brad Paisley & LL Cool J

Brad Paisley even has a duet with rapper LL Cool J on the record. He said that he’s one of his good friends and that he has a lot of respect for him.

GMA: Brad Paisley Album Will Stream Free

Brad Paisley’s album will stream for the whole week prior to its release on April 9 on iTunes at midnight April 2 2013. “For a whole week, you can get tired of it and decide you don’t want to buy it,” Brad Paisley joked.


GMA: Brad Paisley Beat the Summer Tour

Brad Paisley is beginning a new tour called Beat the Summer, which is one of the new singles. He said he’s been rehearsing all week.

GMA: Brad Paisley Marie Osmond Impromtu Performance

Marie Osmond crashed the interview to see if Brad Paisley would sing with her. She sang, “I’m a little bit country,” and he said, “I’m a little bit country, too.” It didn’t really work. So instead, Brad Paisley started playing guitar and the two played a different song together. Marie Osmond kept giggling and stopping and declaring how attractive he was, but Brad Paisley kept it professional and kept singing. It was cool.

I don’t know about you, but his appearance on GMA made me almost immediately reach for my iTunes to listen to his hit “Remind Me” with Carrie Underwood. It’s such a good song. I’m pretty pumped for his song with LL Cool J. I’m hoping it’s more like Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” than “Over and Over” by Tim McGraw and Nelly. Jason Aldean’s was smooth and cool, while Nelly and Tim McGraw’s was a little odd and gimmicky. Although, I guess the mixture of rap and country is a gimmick in itself.

Are you looking forward to Brad Paisley’s new album? Do you think the collaboration with LL Cool J is a good idea?


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