GMA: Boy Meets World Cast Reunion & Mr Feeny on Girl Meets World?


Good Morning America: Boy Meets World Reunion at ATX Festival

Boy Meets World captured the attention of a generation. It set the bar for romance and taught us valuable life lessons. Growing up with Cory, Shawn, and my girl Topanga was a privilege that kids today only get to live through reruns and DVDs. Now, Disney is doing us all a favor and bringing back the cast for Girl Meets World, the highly anticipated follow up series.

GMA: Boy Meets World Cast Reunion & Mr Feeny on Girl Meets World?

With Girl Meets World getting closer, the original cast of Boy Meets World reunited at the ATX Festival. They hinted that Mr Feeny is making a comeback. (s_bukley /


The cast and creator of the series reunited at the ATX Festival recently. Seeing Cory, Shawn, Jack, Morgan, Angela, Rachel, and Cory’s mom Amy in the same photo sent chills up every BMW fan’s spine.

GMA: Cory & Topanga: Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel Together Forever

While Danielle Fishel didn’t make the reunion, she was present in cardboard form. Ben Savage played the adorkable Cory Matthews and he and Fishel are back on board for Girl Meets World. The series saw the two go from classmates to friends to will-they-won’t-they to man and wife.

Behind the scenes, Savage and Fishel were like an old married couple. They deny ever dating, but their connection was obviously fate.


Good Morning America: Shawn Hunter Straightened His Hair & Dating Angela

Another love affair on screen—Shawn Hunter and his good looks. Rider Strong had the girls screaming whenever he lifted a finger on or off screen. His signature shaggy do wasn’t so natural. He said that hair and makeup had to straighten his hair and even took a curling iron to it on occasion.

“I looked like a Muppet, let’s be honest,” Strong said.

The woman that finally stole Shawn Hunter’s heart—Angela. The cast said it was pretty controversial at the time because they never mentioned the fact that Angela was black.

Boy Meets World: Life Lessons from Mr Feeny

“It touched on things that people could relate to,” Ben Savage said that the series was one that kids grew up with. Almost like a guide to life.

Creator Michael Jacobs brought up the one man that is on everyone’s mind – Mr. Feeny. Played by William Daniels, Mr Feeny’s life lessons have followed fans wherever they go. Feeny—or should I say Fe-he-he-he-he-nay—was the amazing, warm, lovable, goofy, god-like teacher that followed the kids throughout the series. He taught every class they ever took and provided them with life lessons to take with them. When showing a snippet from their final scene in the school classroom, tears, chills and sadness fill every fan.

Joining the cast in later seasons, Shawn’s half-brother Jack, played by Matthew Lawrence, and Rachel, Maitland Ward, became staples in the cast. Ward said it was hard to be in the love triangle of Jack and Eric Matthews. Lawrence, teenage heartthrob and brother to Joey Lawrence, said he was the shy one of the cast.

Even though we saw them grow up on screen, the cast made up senior superlatives for themselves. The heartbreakers were Rider Strong and Matthew Lawrence. Class president went to Danielle Fishel – her cardboard cut out still hanging out in the back row. Class clown was, of course, the lovable goof Will Friedle – also know as Eric Matthews and Plays With Squirrels.

Good Morning America: Girl Meets World Coming to Disney Channel

Even though Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage are the only two official people returning for Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, Jacobs said that he wants every member of the cast to make appearances on the series. That includes Mr. Feeny.


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