GMA: Behind the Candelabra Review & Rob Lowe Face Lift Transformation


Behind the Candelabra: Rob Lowe’s Freakish New Role

You won’t have to look just behind the candelabra, you’ll need to look behind the taut skin and long hair to see that it’s really Rob Lowe. His new role in Behind the Candelabra is shocking fans and creating buzz.

Lowe plays Dr Jack Startz, plastic surgeon to Liberace (played by Michael Douglas) and his young lover Scott Thorson (Matt Damon). Dr Starz didn’t just transform his patients into young and freakish creatures, he himself was pulled a little too far.


GMA: Behind the Candelabra Review & Rob Lowe Face Lift Transformation

Rob Lowe said that his new film, Behind the Candelabra, might shock audiences. From love scenes with Liberace to botched face lifts, all bets are off. (s_bukley /

“What have I just witnessed?” Rob Lowe said when he first saw the film. He was startled by how strange and new this idea was. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“It’s so gay it makes an average episode of Glee look like The Expendables,” Lowe added. He means it too. Behind the Candelabra is based on Scott Thorson’s memoir about his life with Liberace.


“The spectacle of Jason Bourne getting it on with Gordan Gekko is extraordinary,” he said about the passionate love scenes.

Rob Lowe’s Face in Behind the Candelabra Will Haunt Your Dreams

Aside from the plot line, the really crazy thing is how these actors look in the film. Matt Damon sports a blonde wig and hot pink lipstick in the trailer, dressed like a member of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Liberace himself, Michael Douglas, is a disco ball of sequins and sparkles.

Then, there is Rob Lowe’s face. He said that Matt Damon couldn’t even look at him without laughing. Lowe’s face is pulled tightly to get the effect of just one plastic surgery too far. Lowe went on to add that as an actor he has become very good at faking things. He has fake played the saxophone and now he can fake a face lift.

While Rob Lowe is proud of his role, that doesn’t change the fact that his face was pulled and pinched into place daily. He said that his neck and teeth also got made over. Lowe also said that there was major competition when he and Matt Damon put on their Speedo swimwear.

Big name studios wanted nothing to do with Behind the Candelabra, except to maybe lose it behind the book shelf. Lowe said the film is a sign of the changing times. People are much more receptive to the story of Liberace today.



  1. monique allen says

    I had a couple of surgical procedures with Dr Startz along wth silicone injections. My results were fantastic. He was a tad eccentric but looked nothing like the character that is portrayed by Lowe. He was a bit dumpy with an awful toupee.

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