GMA: Aziz Ansari Plays a Slug & Falls For Amanda Seyfried, EPIC Review


Helio Castroneves Indianapolis 500 Fourth Championship?

This Sunday is “the Super Bowl of Racing,” said Helio Castroneves. The three time Indianapolis 500 champion, and Dancing With the Stars champ, is looking to take home a fourth victory. It’s the big one, for all the marbles and all the fame and glory.

Even if you haven’t won before, this is the race that means everything to a racer. Castroneves showed off his car, complete with sponsorship from Verizon, Firestone, Quicken Loans and more.


GMA: Aziz Ansari Plays a Slug & Falls For Amanda Seyfried, EPIC Review

In EPIC, Aziz Ansari plays Mub the Slug. He is on a special mission and falls for Amanda Seyfriend in the animated film out this weekend. (s_bukley /

He got his first win in 2001, followed it up in 2002 and then, his third win, he did something a little different. Castroneves climbed the netting on the side of the track after his third win. Helio wanted to share the moment with the fans and it earned him the nickname “Spider-Man.”

“I drive with my heart,” Helio Castroneves said. You can tune in to the Indy 500 this Sunday at 12 p.m. on ABC.


Aziz Ansari Get Animated in EPIC

Aziz Ansari is used to playing human beings, but in EPIC, in theaters this weekend, he tackles a new species. Ansari plays Mub, a slug with a special mission.

This is Ansari’s second animated film. He played a rabid rabbit in Ice Age 4. To get in the mindset to play a slug, Ansari said that he gained a little weight during the voice overs.

“It’s this heroic tale, there’s these heroes! You’re going to play a slug,” Ansari said. Even though he isn’t a hero in the film, he said that he loves doing kid’s films.

Aziz Ansari Falls in Love With Amanda Seyfriend in EPIC

While voice actors usually record separately, Aziz and Chris O’Dowd, who plays Mub’s snail friend Grub, got to record together. He said the snail and slug are good friends, but Mub is the silly one.

If this isn’t enough to get you out to see EPIC, imagine Aziz Ansari playing a confident slug trying to win the heart of human girl Amanda Seyfried. That really happens. Aziz said that his character wants that woman and is not going to let a little slug slime get in the way.


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