GMA: Alyssa Milano Hosting Project Runway All-Stars & New Baby Milo


Alyssa Milano New Mom & Hosting Project Runway All-Stars

Growing up in front of the camera, Alyssa Milano is now larger than life. Her face is a part of a giant billboard in Times Square promoting her new series Mistresses on ABC, Mondays at 10 p.m.

GMA: Alyssa Milano Hosting Project Runway All-Stars & New Baby Milo

Alyssa Milano is in New York promoting her new ABC show Mistresses and hosting Project Runway All-Stars. Her family and new baby are set to join her soon. (Featureflash /


Milano is now a fixture in New York City and she’s going to be living there for the next seven weeks. She’s promoting Mistresses and hosting Project Runway All-Stars. Her family is coming out to join her this week, including her 21-month-old son Milo. She said she Face Timed with him the day before and cried when he said he loved her.

Mistresses Based on BBC Show Not About Adultery

While you may think that Mistresses is about adultery, Milano said it’s much more than that. It was a series on BBC and they had to keep the branding title. The show is really about a group of women that help each other through hard times.

Milano’s character is a young professional with a doting husband and fertility issues. The romance has fizzled out of their relationship because they’ve been trying to have a baby for so long. The character makes some bad decisions and ends up sleeping with a coworker.


Milano said that they look deeply into the situation and everyone that is affected by infidelity. It’s not just a steamy show about cheating, but a 360 degree look into the lives of these women and the repercussions of their actions.

Alyssa Milano: Beating The Child Star Curse

While growing up in front of the camera is hard for many child stars, Alyssa Milano managed to keep it all together. She said her secret was keeping her family close and her value system in check. She said that finding value outside of the entertainment business is important. The industry she works in can toss you aside at a moment’s notice and it’s important to not place your self worth there.

Autumn Ernhard Wins $1 Million on Wheel of Fortune

For the last three months, Autumn Ernhard has been keeping the biggest secret. She won $1 million on Wheel of Fortune, making her the second person in the show’s history to win the jackpot. She was forced to keep it all a secret until the show aired recently.

Her final puzzle was “tough workout,” and she had a wild card that helped her get the G. She knew that the first word was “tough” and had to think about things that are tough.

Autumn recently got engaged and she said the million is going to help take the stress out of wedding planning. She and her fiance plan to travel and prepare for their future with the money.

The Good Morning America hosts tried their hand at a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. It took them entirely too long to get “I won a million!”


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