GMA: Actress Bonnie Franklin Dies & Queen Elizabeth Going To Retire?


GMA: Will Queen Elizabeth Retire?

Tina Brown, Editor in Chief of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, came by Good Morning America to talk about Queen Elizabeth‘s recent hospitalization and whether the Queen would retire. GMA reported MArch 4 2013 that the Queen was hospitalized for a stomach bug, but the bug wasn’t serious and she will be released after another night’s stay in the hospital.

George Stephanopoulos, who just returned from Rome where he reported on the Pope’s resignation last week, said that there was some speculation in Rome that the Queen may retire, like the Pope did. Tina Brown said that she didn’t believe the Queen would ever retire and that she took an oath when she became queen to serve the office for all of her days. Tina Brown also pointed out that Queen Elizabeth has been to over 400 public engagements in the last year.


GMA: Actress Bonnie Franklin Dies & Queen Elizabeth Going To Retire?

Bonnie Franklin, famous for playing the mother on One Day At a Time, died at 69 on March 1 2013. (s_bukley /

GMA: Will & Kate Like Each Other

Tina Brown said that one of the greatest strengths of Will and Kate’s relationship is that they genuinely like each other and love their pregnancy. She said that Kate is really good at not upstaging the royal family in the press, which is something that Prince William’s mother Diana was often viewed as doing. Both of these things, she said, contribute to the strength of their relationship.

GMA: Tori Spelling Fighting the Tabloids

Star magazine recently reported that Tori Spelling was getting a divorce and had a line on the front page that read, “Who Will Get The Kids?” Tori Spelling’s six-year-old son saw that and asked her mother where she and his dad were going. Spelling is now speaking out against the emotional damage the article has caused her family.


Spelling posted an open letter to Star magazine on the web, calling them out for their inaccurate coverage and talking about what it did to her family. She said that painful headlines have “…potentially emotionally scarred and terrified innocent children.”

GMA: Remembering Bonnie Franklin

Bonnie Franklin passed away March 1 2013, and Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer interviewed the entire cast of her hit 1970s show One Day At a Time for the last time. GMA took a look back at the show and Bonnie Franklin in remembrance of her.

The television show One Day At a Time was unique for the 1970s, in that it depicted a single, divorced mother raising two teenage girls. It was a great step forward for women and for the realistic depiction of single parents on television. Bonnie Franklin told Lara and Josh at that last interview that it’s okay to tackle heavy subjects, but you have to do it with humor.


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