GMA: Danica McKellar Breastfed Child Until Two And A Half


Good Morning America: Danica McKellar & Breastfeeding

Best known for her role as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar now plays the role of loving mother to two and a half-year-old Draco. People still call her Winnie, remembering her as the girl next door, winning the heart of Fred Savage’s character Kevin Arnold.

Good Morning America: Danica McKellar Breastfed Child Until Two And A Half

Wonder Years star Danica McKellar shared details about breastfeeding her son until the age of two and a half. (Jaguar PS /


“Somewhere there will be a headline that reads: Winnie Breastfed Her Child Until He’s Two and a Half,” she joked. But she is making headlines for her approach to breastfeeding and parenting, called “Attachment Parenting.”

GMA: Danica McKellar Attachment Parenting

She and other celebrities, such as Alanis Morissette, have taken to this kind of parenting, in which the child is breastfed until toddlerhood and sleeps with his or her mother at night. Danica said that it’s all about closeness and that she and Draco share a close bond, even their own language. She said that when he’s hungry, he will say “Nomnoms,” and she knows exactly what he needs.

She said that she would often receive strange looks when breastfeeding her toddler in public, with a breastfeeding shield of course, but she never let it get to her because she knew that what she was doing was right for her son. She sensed that he needed to be independent, so she has weaned him off of breast milk at the age of two and a half. She encourages other mothers to follow their instincts and take cues from their children.


Good Morning America: Danica McKellar & Education

Danica McKellar also plays the role of education advocate. She wrote bestselling book Math Doesn’t Suck, about education for children. While she was breastfeeding, Danica learned to multitask by typing with one hand while holding her son in the other. “The only formula I use is in math equations,” she said about math and breastfeeding.


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