Gabrielle Union Fierce And Fearless Award & Life Coach A.J. Johnson


Good Morning America: Gabrielle Union Fierce And Fearless Award Speech

Hollywood star Gabrielle Union confessed that she was once a “mean girl,” but has changed her ways, according to Union’s speech she gave while accepting an Essence Fierce And Fearless Award. In the past in movies like Bring It On, the actress played very convincing roles as quite the snob, and this wasn’t a coincidence. During her speech, Gabrielle said that she lived for the negativity she inflicted on sister actresses whose shine she feared may diminish her own. She also said that part of her negativity came from the fiercely competitive climate among black actresses competing for a limited number of roles.

GMA: Oprah’s Next Chapter Black Women In Hollywood

Gabrielle Union Fierce And Fearless Award & Life Coach A.J. Johnson

Gabrielle Union’s Fierce And Fearless Award speech landed her on Oprah Winfrey’s Next Chapter. (s_bukley /


Oprah Winfrey, who was in attendance at the Fierce And Fearless Awards, said that she was so inspired by Gabrielle Union’s speech, that she dedicated last Sunday’s Oprah’s Next Chapter to speaking with black actresses and the unique challenges they face in Hollywood, which causes some people to become mean. Gabrielle said on the show that actresses like her are supported in tearing other people down, that there is a huge spotlight given to those that engage in this negative behavior.

This episode, titled “Black Women In Hollywood,” will be re-airing Sunday, June 30 on OWN.

Good Morning America: Mean Girls In Pop Culture

The mean girl spirit isn’t really an issue determined by race, however. There is simply a subculture within out society of mean girls, brought to center stage by movies like Mean Girls and just about any reality TV show that you see.


In the acting world, though, it is a little easier to figure out the origins of this behavior, which are being drawn to the extremely competitive nature of being an African American actress, where coming by work can be very difficult.

GMA: Life Coach And Fitness Trainer A.J. Johnson

Gabrielle Union credits much of the change she has undergone to A.J. Johnson, her fitness trainer and life coach. A.J. said that once they buckled down and started working on Gabrielle as a person, the changes started to occur and Gabrielle’s nice girl came to light.

At a party where Gabrielle had spent time tearing this other girl down, for example, A.J. pulled her aside and asked her what she had gained by doing what she did, and Gabrielle was struck by the fact that she hadn’t, in fact, gained anything by tearing this girl apart.

Gabrielle Union will be starring in the TV movie premiere of Being Mary Jane on July 2 2013 on BET.


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