Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Sabrina Bryan Vies for 13th Spot


Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Viewer Vote

In this special Dancing with the Stars All Star season, fans will get to choose the thirteenth contestant.

Five years after her first appearance, Sabrina Bryan has the mirrorball trophy in sight. Bryan is touring the country trying to gain votes that will pit her against the All Star cast.


Sabrina Bryan: Goodyear Blimp & Las Vegas Dancer

Bryan kicked off her campaign in New York City on Good Morning America, and then headed to Los Angeles where she rode in a Goodyear Blimp. After that, Bryan went to Las Vegas and showcased her skills alongside the Jabbawockeez dance troupe. She even made a stop at the Chippendales to show them her moves.

On the outdoor set of Good Morning America, Sabrina joined Robin Roberts to do Robin’s favorite move – the “New Yorker.”

Sabrina Bryan: Dancing With The Stars

Sabrina Bryan is campaigning for a spot on the upcoming "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars." Viewers will vote for the 13th contestant. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


“This has been so much fun to be a part of,” Bryan said. “I think the most exciting part is the fans actually have a chance to be a part of who gets on the show, which they’ve been asking for for seasons. They’ve been asking for it and finally Dancing with the Stars has given them the chance to vote for their last contestant. Hopefully they’re voting for me!”

GMA: Sabrina Bryan Fans & Motivaton

Roberts and Bryan talked about how her fans are her biggest supporters and motivators, and she wants to do this season for them.

“When I got voted off early in the competition in my season they supported me so much, just being online they couldn’t believe it and then they got me back on Design a Dance a couple seasons after and now it’s like their shot at redemption, it’s not even mine, it’s their shot at redemption to be on the voting line,” Bryan said. “Team Sabrina has supported me 100%.”

DWTS: Bryan Would Enjoy Every Moment

Bryan, who received a perfect score during her season, shocked fans when she was voted off. She said if she made it on the competition, she would take it week by week and enjoy every moment and every dance.

“Every single minute of it would be my focus,” Bryan said.

Kyle Massey, another viewer’s choice contestant, will be on Good Morning America Wednesday, August 22 2012. Carson Kressley, the last viewer’s choice contestant, will be on Good Morning America August 23 2012.


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