Clueless Reunion, Heidi Agan Kate Middleton Look Alike & STFU Parents


Good Morning America: Parenting Wars

One blog has a lot of parents upset. Good Morning America talked with 30-year old Blair Koening, the founder of the site STFU Parents who says parents need to stop oversharing, or as she puts it oversharenting. Koening said she started the website to help parents figure out what they should and should not put up on social media websites and for non-parents to vent about their oversharing friends.

The site, which generates over 1.5 million page views each month, has a lot of people mad about. Koenig says she is trying to stop people from putting up pictures of their children potty training or throwing up, but many parents say it is to help fellow parents learn how to be good parents. But most peoples gripe with the website is Koenig’s lack of children.


Koenig was quoted as saying, “If we do not edit ourselves, we go from sharing to oversharing.” She really is passionate about no more un-cute baby pictures hitting the web.

Good Morning America: Clueless Reunion

Clueless Reunion, Heidi Agan Kate Middleton Look Alike & STFU Parents

Good Morning America talks parenting blogs, Kate Middleton look alikes and a Clueless reunion.

One of the most iconic movies of the ’90s, Clueless has been an unforgettable movie about fashion, high school and the friends we make on the way. Seventeen years after the movie aired Good Morning America has a Clueless reunion and talked to the iconic stars about the movie.


Everyone on the cast, which included Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, Breckin Meyer and many more, said the movie helped to launch each one of their careers. But that almost didn’t happen. The cast said it was hard to sell the script because no one thought anyone would want to watch a movie about fashion and kids in high school. They were wrong.

Silverstone said she didn’t even like fashion back then, saying she didn’t understand it. But she did say she was a fan of her all plaid outfit. As for the actress Brittany Murphy, who passed away in 2009, everyone said she was the sweetest person to be around and had a very contagious, genuine laughter. Silverstone remembered the scene where she taught Murphy’s character the meaning of ‘sporadically.’

And some little known facts about the movie, Reese Witherspoon also auditioned for the role of Cher, and Terrence Howard auditioned for the role Murray.

Good Morning America: Kate Middleton Double

No, that is not Kate Middleton, that is her look-alike Heidi Agan. Agan, who used to be a waitress in England, said people in the restaurant would always go up to her to tell her she looked just like Kate Middleton. After hearing it for so long, Agan decided to quit her job and become a professional Kate Middleton look alike. And she has Middleton down to a T. She walks perfectly, sits like royalty and even waves just like royalty.

Agan said she can get up to $1000 for an appearance. And she said no matter what she is wearing, even when she is in jeans and a t-shirt, people still run up to her trying to snap a picture.


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