Carson Kressley Brings Sparkle & Hot Pants to Dancing with the Stars


Vote for Carson Kressley: Dancing with the Stars

Carson Kressley stopped by Good Morning America on Aug. 23 to campaign for his chance to dance in Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars. Kressley, Kyle Massey, and Sabrina Bryan are competing for viewer’s choice votes that will make one of them the thirteenth and final cast member for the show.  Carson Kressley said that he will bring sparkle and hot pants to Dancing with the Stars!  Will you be voting for Kressley?  Leave a comment below and share your vote with us!

Carson Kressley Brings Sparkle & Hot Pants to Dancing with the Stars

Carson Kressley said he will brings sparkle & hot pants to Dancing with the Stars. Vote for Hot Pants! (Image Credit: s_bukley /


Kressley, who entertained millions on season 13, has a plan if he makes it onto season 15:

“I would actually learn how to dance,” he said.

Carson Kressley Visits Kentucky State Fair

Kressley traveled all over America to inspire people to vote for him, even attending the Kentucky State Fair.


“I was talking to anyone who would listen, even farm animals,” Kressley said.

With outrageous dance moves and originial costumes, Kressley is definitely a colorful competitor. He brought signs and lots of glitter to the outdoor set of GMA.

“I think that was the great thing about my run on Dancing with the Stars,” Kressley said. “I wasn’t the greatest dancer by any means but I had a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of crowd support.”

Carson Kressley Can Dance Now?

Carson has been busy improving his dance skills.

“I have been practicing a lot because I was hosting Dancing with the Stars Live in Las Vegas,” Kressley said. “I actually know how to dance now – you should see my Rumba!”

Kressley Dances with Josh Elliott from Good Morning America?

GMA’s George Stephanopoulos informed Kressley that competitor Kyle Massey has a new move called “The Tornado” to go along with his famous “Tootsie Roll.”

“How dare he!” Kressley said. “I don’t have any new moves. Maybe, you know, I could probably do some with Josh.”

GMA’s Josh Elliott told Kressley that Stephanopoulos was available to practice dance moves.

“He is light on his feet, he is ready to go,” Elliott said about Stephanopoulos.

Good Morning America: Carson Kressley’s Dancing With The Stars Strategy

Kressley said his strategy is to have the same enthusiasm and fun as in season 13, but with some actual dance moves. He also appeared in the play “Damn Yankees,” over the summer in Ogunquit, Maine, where he had to sing, dance and act.

“You’ve got to go to and vote for Carson,” he said in a last minute plea. “I’m going to bring the fun, the sparkle and the hot pants.”

Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan also stopped by Good Morning America this week to campaign for votes. The viewer’s choice winner will be announced Monday, August 27 2012 live on Good Morning America.


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