Bill & Ted Sequel, Justin Bieber Basketball Movie & Dolphin Swim Video


By Minami Furukawa

Bill & Ted Sequel: A New Adventure in the Works

Dolphin Swim Video: Good Morning America

GMA entertainment news included a dolphin swim video shot by a Santa Cruz fisherman.


First there was Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Then came Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Now, the quirky duo from the popular ‘80s films are due to come back to the present, with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as time-travelling dudes. Rachel Smith reported from LA, questioning whether phone booths will be their mode of transportation or whether they’ll upgrade to cell phones!

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Romantic Getaway

Country favorite Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, son of RFK Jr, are getting serious indeed, with reports that the young singer took Kennedy home to Nashville. Hopefully her parents approve – the couple has strong family relationships, having been introduced by Conor’s grandma, Ethel Kennedy. They have been going strong for two months!

Good Morning America: Justin Bieber Basketball Movie

Justin Bieber is working with director Mark Wahlberg to edit a script for a starring role that will test the teenage hottie’s acting skills. Bieber will play a hustler in intercity basketball, sure to get his young fans sweating it out along with him.


Dolphins Swim Video with Fisherman in Santa Cruz

A pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins was taped playfully following the camera on the bottom of a fishing boat. The fishermen reported that they didn’t know that the dolphins were following the camera until they viewed the tape, which was intended to document tuna fishing. Get your cute fix of the dolphin swim video, with the dolphins following the camera, which resembled a squid.


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