Bethenny Frankel Too Much of a Skinnygirl + Female Firefighter First


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Bethenny Frankel has caused a bit of a stir on Instagram recently with a picture of her wearing her four-year-old daughter’s pajamas. One female New York firefighter, Danae Mines, is making history with a big first. Plus, the perfect romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, is celebrating its 25th year, on Good Morning America.

GMA: Bethenny Frankel Instagram Photo

Bethenny Frankel Too Much of a Skinnygirl + Female Firefighter First

Bethenny Frankel has caused a stir with a recent Instagram photo. (Featureflash /


Bethenny Frankel is facing some negative backlash after posting a picture of herself on Instagram wearing her four-year-old daughter’s pajamas. The reality TV star and owner of Skinnygirl captioned the photo, “Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?”

Bethenny Frankel said the picture is just a joke, but George Stephanopoulos said he isn’t laughing. He said that the hated the photo as soon as he saw it. Robin Roberts said the picture is a bad move on Bethenny Frankel’s part since so many women with body issues look up to her. I’m not sure if I think the picture is that big of a deal, but I guess I would just want to know Bethenny Frankel’s motives behind posting the picture. It could just be an innocent joke, or it could be a deeper issue for her.

Good Morning America: Danae Mines Makes History

A New York firefighter is making history as the first female featured in the Calendar of Heroes. Danae Mines has been a firefighter in the Bronx for 11 years now, and always thought it’d be cool to be a part of the calendar.


In the past, Danae Mines had been told that the calendar is only for men, but this time she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She will now be featured in the calendar as Miss March.

GMA: When Harry Met Sally 25th Anniversary

When Harry Met Sally is now 25 years old. In the film, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan played post grads that fell in love in the film directed by Rob Reiner and written by Nora Ephron.

After a quarter of a century, When Harry Met Sally is still very popular and is often referred to as the perfect romantic comedy. The film has many famous scenes, and I think the line, “I’ll have what she’s having” rings a bell for many people.


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