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Good Morning America: The Bachelorette

After about two dozen seasons of fake romance on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the shows and their opportunistic reality stars have become an easy target. No one expects these relationships to last, which may make the story of Trista and Ryan Sutter even more amazing nine years later.

Bachelorette Trista & Ryan: GMA

Bachelorette Trista recently had plastic surgery to get back her bikini body after having two kids. (Featureflash /


Trista and Ryan fell in love on the original season of The Bachelorette and were married on TV in the franchise’s first wedding. Nine years and two children later, Trista opted for a “bikini body makeover,” getting a surgical eye lift, breast lift, and implants to make herself feel more beautiful.

Trista Sutter Plastic Surgery

Inside Edition followed her surgery, and she showed off her before and after shots for Life & Style. The couple caught up with GMA to explain what spurred this makeover as Trista’s 40th birthday loomed.

“I nursed both my kids for a year, and literally they were just deflated,” Trista said of her breasts. “I wanted a little more self-confidence. I wanted to feel sexy for my husband.”


There was something weird going on with Ryan’s face during this interview. I’m thinking it’s not impossible that he’s had some work done as well. He said he was supportive of her decisions, and got caught up in a moment of honesty.

“Obviously, I love her more–the same, the same as before,” he stammered.

GMA: Trista Sutter Complications

Trista reported that she had an antibiotic allergy after the procedure, which resulted in a full body rash. A subsequent Prednisone treatment made her depressed, but “it was worth it.”

She said it’s important for women to do their homework before pursuing this type of surgery. She suggested knowing about complications and vetting your surgeon before starting the process.

As for their time on The Bachelorette, Trista admits she still watches the reality franchise, and even got in a plug for the Bachelor Pad season finale, which is tonight, September 10 2012, on ABC. Ryan doesn’t keep up with the show anymore.

But how do they keep their romance strong, as the “only successful marriage that came out of The Bachelorette”?

Trista said she doesn’t see divorce as an option. “You work through the hard times and you celebrate the good times, and it’s just enjoy the everyday, and loving being with my best friend,” she said.

Ryan said that it isn’t always easy, but they work through their challenges.

Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal

The show shifted gears to a less successful romance between Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The couple’s rift made headlines over the summer when Kristen was caught cheating with Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders, upsetting fans of the couple.

At the Toronto Film Festival, she opened up for the first time about the fallout and consequences of the cheating scandal. Fans still mobbed her on the red carpet for her indie project On The Road. Meanwhile, Pattinson attended the Video Music Awards last week with other Twilight stars in advance of the upcoming final film.

Stewart: “We Are Totally Fine”

The last chapter of the Twilight saga plays out on movie screens in November 2012. In an AP interview, Kristen Stewart said, “We’re going to be fine. We are totally fine,” when asked about how their breakup will affect the pair’s professional obligations.

The Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart collaboration is due out soon on DVD, and the couple’s illicit romance (Sanders is married with children) resulted in her public apology to Pattinson. But Stewart’s current relationship status is unclear.

In a recent GMA interview, Pattinson said he’s not comfortable having his personal life in the spotlight. “If you start getting used to it, it means you’re going crazy,” he said.


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