“Baby Got Back” Symphony, Portland Bike Ride & Psy “Hangover”


Good Morning America: Pop News

Psy is back with a new friend in his latest video for “Hangover.” Shailene Woodley fooled her fans. Portland bared all, and the Seattle Symphony performed “Baby Got Back.” Here’s what you missed on Good Morning America’s Pop News.

GMA: Psy + Snoop Lion “Hangover” Video

"Baby Got Back" Symphony, Portland Bike Ride & Psy "Hangover"

Portland residents bared all for the annual World Bike Ride (without clothing). (Ljupco Smokovski / Shutterstock.com)


Psy, best known for his viral hit “Gangnam Style,” collaborated with Snoop Lion for his latest song and video, “Hangover.” The project, first unveiled on Jimmy Kimmel Live, has already racked up four million views and counting.

ABC News’s Dan Harris wondered whether this will help dispel the idea that Psy was a one-hit wonder. Robin Roberts reported that Snoop flew to South Korea for the video, and he compared it to “starring in a martial arts movie.”

Then the hosts had a chuckle as they recalled George Stephanopoulos performing the “Gangnam Style” dance awhile back.


Good Morning America: Shailene Woodley Incognito

Shailene Woodley went incognito, wearing a curly brown wig to secretly attend a public screening of her new movie, The Fault In Our Stars. Her cover was blown when her co-star, Ansel Elgort, met up with her and shared a photo of her disguise on Instagram.

The movie was #1 at the box office, with more than $48 million in ticket sales, topping Tom Cruise’s latest action film. Lara Spencer said they have known Woodley was talented for awhile.

GMA: Portland Bike Ride Without Clothes

The 11th annual Portland leg of the World Bike Ride (without clothing) took place in early June 2014. This is a peaceful protest emphasizing biking as an alternative to driving cars. Rides are held in 75 US cities, but Portland is believed to draw the biggest crowd of over 8,000 riders.

Good Morning America: “Baby Got Back” Symphony

The classic rap hit “Baby Got Back” has been performed in many ways over the years, but Good Morning America shared a first. Sir Mix-A-Lot himself performed the popular song with the help of the Seattle Symphony.

Audience members joined Sir Mix-A-Lot onstage to dance along for the unique performance. One dancer in particular showed off her moves. Spencer said the performance was part of the Sonic Evolution Project, commissioning new orchestral works inspired by Seattle music icons.


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