Amare Stoudemire’s Kid’s Book STAT Standing Tall & Talented Home Court


Amare Stoudemire’s Children’s Book Review

New York Knicks’ star Amare Stoudemire is trading rebounds for reading with the release of his children’s book STAT Standing Tall and Talented: Home Court. Home Court, the first book in the series, is based partly on his childhood story.

Amare Stoudemire's Kid's Book STAT Standing Tall & Talented Home Court

Amare Stoudemire wrote a children's book called STAT Standing Tall & Talented Home Court.


“I figured with the platform of me being in the NBA and being able to really inspire youth, I felt like it was a great opportunity for me to really write some of my childhood stories and get them to understand standing tall and talented is definitely something that they should take heed to and succeed in life,” Stoudemire said.

STAT Standing Tall & Talented: Home Court Review

Stoudemire dedicated the book to his brother Hazell who died in a car accident in February.

“My brother was one of the main reasons for my success,” Stoudemire said. “He played high school basketball and inspired me to play basketball and so his story was intriguing to me. That prepared me to become who I am today so I wanted to dedicate that book, the first book of this series, to him.”


How Did Amare Stoudemire Propose to Alexis?

Good Morning America’s Josh Elliott was interested to find out how Stoudemire proposed to his fiancee Alexis Welch.

“I did it in Paris,” Stoudemire said. “We had a panoramic view of the rooftops of Paris and a candlelight dinner – I went full romantic with it.”

Stoudemire is feeling optimistic about the upcoming NBA season.

“We’re great, we’ve got a great team,” Stoudemire said. “We feel like we made the right acquisitions this summer to make us better. We’ve got a full training camp under our belt and Coach Mike Woodson is a phenomenal head coach for us and it’s going to be a great year.”

Josh Elliott Beat Stoudemire In Garbage Can Shoot-off

 Elliott reminisced about his days at ESPN when Stoudemire came in to film a commercial. The two faced off in an intense garbage can free throw shooting contest, and Elliott claims he won.

“He won because I’m not used to throwing trash,” Stoudemire quipped.


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