The FastDiet Cookbook Review: Almond Yogurt & Turkey Meatball Calories


Good Morning America: Michael Mosley The FastDiet Cookbook Review

Dr. Michael Mosley, the doctor that came up with the very popular “Fast Diet” allows you to “eat normally,” five days a week, while fasting on two non-sequential days of the week. On the days where you fast, men eat 600 calories, while women eat 500 calories. Michael Mosley has come out with a cookbook to help people see success with this diet called The FastDiet Cookbook, a collection of low-calorie recipes, which let people know what they can eat on the fasting days.

The FastDiet Breakfast: Almonds & Low-Cal Yogurt

Michael Mosley The Fast Diet cookbook Review & The FastDiet Food

Michael Mosley showed us some examples of what you can eat on the FastDiet.


Michael Mosley showed us a few examples of what a few fasting days might be like on the diet, all with dishes that can be found in his cookbook. Start with breakfast, which was composed of low-calorie yogurt with cut-up fruit and almonds in it. This meal came to about 260 calories.

The FastDiet Cookbook: Lean Turkey Meatball Calories

Next up was turkey or pork meatballs with tomato sauce, then there was a lot of vegetables. The lean meats used to make the meatballs, coupled with the vegetables that dominated this dish, helped keep it down at a reasonable 260 calories, as well. This, with breakfast, came to a total of 528 calories.

For day two, breakfast consisted of oatmeal with lots of fruit added, which keep the cholesterol down. There are a lot of different oatmeals, and Michael suggested oatmeals with lots of fiber in them. Then, there was a chicken salad with, well, chicken and iceberg lettuce. Michael also squirted a lemon on top of the vegetables to extract the iron and help with the absorption of the minerals. It added plenty of flavor, as well. This day came to 479 calories.


The FastDiet Cookbook is in stores now, and these dishes and others are all inside. Check them out!


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