Good Morning America: Kirstie Alley The Art of Men Book


Good Morning America: Kirstie Alley The Art of Men

Barbara Walters sat down with actress Kirstie Alley for an exclusive Good Morning America interview. Alley, who also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, has battled with her weight over the last few years and has a new book out called The Art of Men

GMA: Kirstie Alley and Patrick Swayze

In the book, Alley reveals some secret romances she’s had over the years. Alley said that she was in love with Patrick Swayze, even though she was married to Parker Stevenson.


Good Morning America: Kirstie Alley The Art of Men Book

In her new book, ‘The Art of Men,’ Kirstie Alley says that John Travolta was the greatest love of her life. (DFree /

Alley met Swayze while doing the TV miniseries North and South. She said the two fell in love and Swayze wanted her to get divorced and marry him, even though he was already married.

Alley said she was more willing to break up her own marriage than she was to break up his.


Good Morning America: John Travolta is Greatest Love of Kirstie Alley’s Life

She also describes her costar John Travolta as the greatest love of her life. Alley said it took everything inside of her to not run off with him and get married.

Alley said that she didn’t leave Stevenson to marry John Travolta because she thought that when you got married to someone, you were supposed to stay in it and work at it.

Kirstie Alley: John Travolta Gay?

Walters asked Alley about rumors that John Travolta is gay. Alley said that she knows him very well and he is not gay. Alley said that when someone in Hollywood isn’t out womanizing and doing drugs, there isn’t much left to insult them with except calling them gay.

Alley said that she felt broken after she got into a pattern of losing weight and then gaining it back, and wondered if that’s how her life would always be. Her book The Art of Men is on shelves today.


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