GMA: Top of the Morning Review & Reasons to Take Grandma on Vacation


GMA: Top Of the Morning Review

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put on a morning news show? New York Times media writer Brian Stetler has and he went out in search of the answer, which he wrote about in his new book, Top of the Morning.

Stetler has been watching morning news shows like Good Morning America and the Today Show since he was a little kid. He said his mother would wake him up every morning and they would each watch their program. He watched the Today Show while his mother watched Good Morning America.


“Morning shows are the only time we let strangers into our home,” Stetler said.

GMA: Top of the Morning Review & Reasons to Take Grandma on Vacation

Good Morning America talked with Brian Stetler about his new book, Top of the Morning, and they got three simple tips for having the best vacation with family.

GMA: Morning Shows Account For Billions In Advertising

Stetler said he wanted to go behind the scenes of morning news shows because he wanted to see what drove the shows to be successful  He wanted to know why 13 million people tuned in every morning. He wanted to find out how such powerful shows are run each morning, adding that morning news shows subsidize the rest of the network on all major networks.


“There is over a billion dollars worth of advertising at stake each year,” Stetler said.

For months, Stetler embedded himself at different morning news shows and what he learned is everyone works really hard to get the show up and running, every detail of the show is obsessed over and the morning co-hosts are always exhausted but they somehow make it look easy.

GMA: Tips For a Family Vacation – Bring Grandma

It is about that time of the year when you need to start planning your summer vacation and the editors at Conde Nast came up with a simple list of three things everyone should do before they start a vacation.

Make an Unplug Contract

Get everyone in the family to agree to unplug throughout the entire vacation. Make sure everyone signs a contract to keep them to their word. Also, try to think of some old school, fun games to play that don’t involve batteries or chargers.

Take the Grandparents

Taking the grandparents on vacation with you is very 2013. Plus, grandparents are usually a bit more patient with the kids.

Aim For a Slocation

Take everything slow. Don’t plan as much of the vacation as you normally do. Be spontaneous and have a good time. Your over-scheduled children will always remember the time you let loose on vacation.


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