GMA: ‘Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible’ Bashes Crocs and Cargo Pants


New Book Out Today: “Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible”

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn released a new book today called Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. He stopped by Good Morning America to talk to Lara Spencer about the book, which covers everything from togas to t-shirts.

Tim Gunn: Crocs Are Biggest Fashion Crime

Gunn reflected on the biggest fashion crime in history.


GMA: Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn released a new book today called 'Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible' and stopped by GMA to talk Crocs and cargo pants.

“For me, I have to say, it’s an item of footwear, it’s the ubiquitous Croc I have to say,” Gunn said. “I mean, footwear has a tremendously long lineage of course, as long as we’ve been walking we’ve been putting things on our feet, but this is such a major step backward, I feel it’s almost like going back to the Neanderthals.”

Spencer said she hoped Mario Batali, who has his own line of Crocs, wasn’t watching.


“But does he wear them in a fashion context?” Gunn asked. “Is he ever on the red carpet wearing Crocs?”

Lara told him that she thought the chef was always wearing them. She also asked Gunn about his hate for capri length cargo pants.

Tim Gunn: Capri Cargo Pants

“You know, I honestly do not understand why they are so popular,” Gunn said. “Well actually, I get it, when you’re wearing a pair of cargo capri pants the only thing that you have to worry about fitting is the waist. But they cut your leg off at a very unattractive place and make you look visually shorter, and every woman I know wants to look as long and lean as possible.”

I have to agree with Gunn, no person carries around enough things to need all those pockets in awful cargo pants and shorts. They just look so sloppy.

Tim Gunn: Cleopatra Vs Helen of Troy

Gunn also talks about the difference between your inner Cleopatra and Helen in his book.

“This is about dresses specifically and about tracing the linage of dresses and if you like draped dresses, they go back to ancient Egypt, and I cite Helen of Troy as the fashion icon of that period, and if you like tailored, structured clothes, then everything goes back to Cleopatra, to ancient Egypt,” Gunn explained.

Good Morning America: Dynasty Cast, ’80s Fashion & Fall Blazers

Tim said among some of the big fashion iconic moments was the cast of Dynasty.

“The cast of Dynasty defined the ’80s when it comes to fashion,” Gunn said. “I mean, how over the top was all of that, and the exaggerated shoulder pads and the bigger than life the power suits, it was an incredible decade.”

Lara and Tim agreed that everything old was new again. His one piece of takeaway fashion advice for women this fall was to go find a fabulous blazer.


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