GMA: Stephenie Meyer “Twilight” Author & “The Host” Alien Movie Review


GMA: Stephenie Meyer Twilight

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga made her a household name. Everyone in the universe has an opinion about it, from having a huge objection to sparkly vampires to truly believing Bella should’ve ended up with werewolf Jacob instead of vampire Edward to being satisfied with the direction of the series and begging for more. Now, Stephenie Meyer sat down with Robin Roberts to talk about her new film, The Host

GMA: Stephenie Meyer "Twilight" Author & "The Host" Alien Movie Review

Stephanie Meyer came by GMA March 15 2013 to talk about her new film, The Host, and to answer fan questions including, would she rather be Melanie or Bella? (Helga Esteb /


GMA: Stephenie Meyer’s Ideas

Stephenie Meyer said her ideas come from all over the place and the idea for The Host came to her during a road trip. She said she’s always telling herself stories and she knew that this one was worth telling others.

GMA: Stephenie Meyer The Host

Stephenie Meyer’s The Host is about a human girl who is possessed by an alien. Two human men are each in love with one version of her, either the alien or the human.

GMA: Stephenie Meyer Fan Questions

Robin Roberts opened it up for fan questions. First up was a question about perspective. Would Stephenie Meyer ever think about writing from the male perspective? Meyer said she has written from a male perspective before, but the female perspective is more natural for her. She said that she also worries that she might get it wrong and make the men in her life mad.


Another fan asked her if she would consider producing more movies. Meyer said that while she loves producing, it’s not something she wants to do to replace writing. She wants to do both. She is a producer of The Host.

Would Stephenie Meyer want to be Bella or Melanie from The Host? Meyer said she would be Bella, but only if she could have her powers and be super strong and not have to sleep.


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