GMA: Mitch Albom ‘The Time Keeper’ Review & Haiti Orphanage


Good Morning America: Mitch Albom

International bestselling author Mitch Albom may be best known for Tuesdays With Morrie, but he is still sharing inspirational stories with audiences. He visited Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer to talk about his latest tome, The Time Keeper, and his hope for its readers.

GMA: Mitch Albom The Time Keeper Review

GMA: Mitch Albom The Time Keeper Review

Mitch Albom talked with GMA about his latest book, The Time Keeper, and working with an orphanage in Haiti. (Helga Esteb /


Mitch and Lara sat outside the GMA studio in Times Square. The author had a giant hourglass in his lap, to represent the passage of time. He said that humans are the only species on Earth that measure time and worry about not having enough.

“Only man counts time, and only man worries about time running out,” he said, explaining that this idea was the basis for his new novel, The Time Keeper.

Good Morning America: Mitch Albom Inspiration

Mitch said that worrying about time is something that seems to happen more as we get older. He rattled off several expressions from our lexicon that relate to time, including pastime, “kill time,” and others.


“And yet we never think about how we’re actually living,” Mitch said. “So I created this story about the first man who ever invented time…who actually gets punished and has to live for eternity, to see the reaction of everything that he created.”

This is an origin story of Father Time, who then has the chance to escape his punishment if he can influence two particular people to spend their time wisely.

GMA: Mitch Albom Aging

Author Mitch Albom said that there are many factors in his life that have made him consider the themes of his book. Getting older is one of them; his parents’ aging has also given him things to think about. He said the audiences of his previous bestsellers, Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven, have also given him lots of food for thought.

Mitch said that having a finite amount of time is what makes our lives meaningful. Lara said that this reminds her of GMA anchor Robin Roberts, who is fighting a rare blood disorder and the loss of her mother.

Good Morning America: Mitch Albom Haiti Orphanage

Mitch Albom supports an orphanage in Haiti, which he got involved in after that country’s devastating earthquake.

“There, nobody wears watches…. There’s no cell phones, there’s no computers. And time moves at a whole different level,” he said. Mitch said working with those kids makes him think differently about how he is spending his life.

Mitch Albom’s new book, The Time Keeper, is on sale Tuesday, September 4 2012.


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