Good Morning America: J.K. Rowling’s New Book ‘A Casual Vacancy’


Good Morning America: New J.K. Rowling Book on Lockdown

Good Morning America: J.K. Rowling's New Book 'A Casual Vacancy'

Good Morning America sits down with J.K. Rowling on the day her new book, ‘A Casual Vacancy,’ is set to be released to the public. (Featureflash /

Good Morning America sat down with J.K. Rowling to talk about her new book A Casual Vacancy, which hits stores today. The book, which is already the best seller on even though it hasn’t been released yet, was very hard for people to get there hands on. The Good Morning America reporter who talked to Rowling said she had to read the book in the publisher’s office. And the only book in the whole of Scotland was used in the interview.


People are serious about this book not being leaked to the public. But Rowling said she wished it was just like any other normal book. She said the publicity has made it hard for her to live her life normally, even admitting she had to wear a disguise when she was picking out her wedding dress.

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The new novel, A Casual Vacancy, is about the struggles between parents and children, love and hatred and all the different dichotomies that can take place in a small town. Rowling said many people are going to cry at the end of the book, even saying sorry for making the ending so sad.

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Rowling said the transformation from a poor single mother to having world wide fame has been hard to get used too. She said she is just now getting used to being so famous. But none of it has gone to her head. Rowling gives back millions to charities each year and says she is raising her children to not just become consumers, but also producers of things.


She said she feels happiest when she is with her family in Scotland, just walking along the beach. Rowling is scheduled to have one speaking appearance in the States, in New York City, which saw people lining up outside for days trying to get tickets.



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