GMA Carol Burnett Carrie and Me & Struggling With Her Daughter’s Death


GMA: Carol Burnett Carrie and Me

Carol Burnett came by Good Morning America April 8 2013 to talk about her new book Carrie and Me. Carol Burnett made us laugh for 11 years on The Carol Burnett Show. Behind the scenes, Carol Burnett was a devoted mother. In 2002, she lost her daughter Carrie to cancer. Now, she’s written a book all about her daughter as a tribute and she sat down with Lara Spencer to talk about it.

Lara Spencer said she loved the book and Carol Burnett was surprised and seemed touched that Lara read it. Lara asked what made her want to write this book now. Carol said that when her daughter was diagnosed, she had been working on a screenplay about Bohemian girls taking a road trip. Carol said that her daughter had taken the road trip herself and emailed her along the way.


GMA Carol Burnett Carrie and Me & Struggling With Her Daughter's Death

Carol Burnett came by GMA April 8 2013 to talk about her new book, Carrie and Me, about her daughter’s passing due to cancer, the screenplay she was writing and her struggle with drugs. (Helga Esteb /

After being diagnosed, Carrie Burnett asked Carol Burnett to finish the screenplay for her. Carol said she didn’t know if she could, because they were her characters. Carol said it had always stayed with her and now with this book, she hoped to bring the essence of her daughter and that story to the page.

GMA: Carol Burnett vs Her Daughter

Carol Burnett is candid in the book about the behind-the-scenes of The Carol Burnett Show, when she realized her daughter was into drugs as a teenager. Carol says in the book that parents can’t be afraid to have their children hate them. She said in this situation, she was trying to be her daughter’s best friend to help her. But she said it occurred to her to “love her enough to let her hate me.” She said she tricked her into going to a rehab. She said her daughter told a doctor there that she wanted to be Janis Joplin and the doctor responded, “Well, Janis Joplin’s dead.”


GMA: Carol Burnett Favorite Characters

Lara Spencer asked which character was Carol Burnett’s favorite. Carol said she loved doing the movie spoofs. She said she loved Mrs. Wiggins and Eunice.


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