GMA: Cara Natterson “The Care & Keeping Of You 2” Tween Book Review


GMA: Cara Natterson The Care & Keeping Of You 2

Good Morning America correspondent Juju Chang sat down with the author of The Care & Keeping Of You 2, Cara Natterson, as well as several mothers and their tween daughters, in order to discuss the issues facing tween girls today. Even though the segment used “tween” to mean “tween girls” and didn’t acknowledge the issues facing tween boys (who are no doubt just as curious about what is happening to them as tween girls), the segment was very insightful.

The new book was created for mothers to give to their daughters so their daughters are able to find out answers for themselves, from body odor, to peer pressure and even the use of the internet.


GMA: Cara Natterson "The Care & Keeping Of You 2" Tween Book Review

Do you want to talk to your tween daughter about the issues facing her, but you don’t know how, and you’re scared what her peers are telling her? Don’t worry. That’s why Cara Natterson wrote The Care & Keeping Of You 2.

The idea is that the daughter can discover this information on her own and then go to her parents if she wants to know more. One of the mothers said that she gave the book to her daughter and her daughter said it was embarrassing, but when she saw her later her daughter was reading it.

Juju Chang: Tween Girls On Instagram

Juju Chang talked to the seven girls about the use of the internet and other issues. One young girl mentioned that someone was on Instagram at her birthday party, and Cara Natterson said she didn’t like how many young girls were on Instagram.


“They don’t have that many friends in their peer group, so who’s liking them?” she asked.

Juju Chang asked the girls if they’d ever get their ears pierced without their parents’ knowledge. All of the girls said no. Juju Chang joked she was going to check back in with them in five years to see if they’re still obeying their mothers.


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