GMA: Cal Ripkin, Jr. “Wild Pitch” & George Stephanopoulos Meets Twin


GMA: Cal Ripkin, Jr. Wild Pitch Review

Josh Elliott sat down with Cal Ripkin, Jr., a baseball legend. After his retirement, Cal Ripkin, Jr. took his passion and love for the game to kids, running youth camps and trying to foster the love of the game in children. Cal Ripkin, Jr. told Josh Elliott he wanted to encourage more kids to play more baseball. He also likes to talk to children about the issues facing them, like bullying. Cal Ripkin, Jr. said that he, too, had been bullied. He said he was being bullied when he joined varsity baseball.

Now, he’s written a book called Wild Pitch about a kid who accidentally hit the batter with a hard ball, injuring him, and who must overcome these challenges to win the big game. Cal Ripkin, Jr. grew up in a baseball family and he said he loves watching his children’s games. He said that some parents don’t want to watch their children play, but he thinks that children can sense that. Josh Elliott later said he thought Cal Ripkin, Jr. was a great father.


GMA: Cal Ripkin, Jr. "Wild Pitch" & George Stephanopoulos Meets Twin

George Stephanopoulos’ double was chosen by his wife, actress Ali Wentworth. (Rena Schild /

GMA: George Stephanopoulos Meets His Twin

Good Morning America had asked fans who look like the hosts to send in their photos and videos to win an appearance on GMA. Yesterday Lara Spencer met her twin. Now it was George Stephanopoulos’ turn. There were three judges to determine the winners – model Cynthia Bailey, comedian Sherrod Small and actress Ali Wentworth, George Stephanopoulos’ own wife.

George Stephanopoulos looked nervous as he met his twin. His double, Bruce Foraker, was a good head taller than him and a married father of four. Both George and his double were high school wrestlers in Ohio. Ali Wentworth said that when she saw Bruce Foraker, she was hoping for more vacation time with her husband. She said it was surreal to look through all the photos of the George Stephanopoulos’ look-alikes, but that “nobody is as sexy as George Stephanopoulos.”


It was at this point that George Stephanopoulos joked it was time to cut, because his wife was clearly embarrassing him. Still, it’s got to be weird to look through mountains of photos of men who look just like your husband.


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