GMA: Bringing in Finn by Sarah Connell Review


GMA: Bringing in Finn by Sarah Connell

Bringing In Finn Review: Good Morning America

Finn's incredible story of surrogacy was shared by his mom and grandmother on Good Morning America.

Bringing in Finn is the true story of one extraordinary family. The book’s author, Sarah Connell, and her mom, Chris, joined Lara Spencer on GMA to share more details of the incredible journey that they embarked on together.


Sarah explained that she and her husband had desperately wanted a baby, and were ready for a family when Sarah went off the birth control pill. However, Sarah never regained her cycle, and fertility became an issue. She tried acupuncture, holistic treatments, yoga, and visited many fertility specialists. After trying her luck with In Vitro Fertilization, Sarah tragically miscarried a set of twins in almost her third trimester, and then miscarried once more after that.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, Sarah’s mom, Chris, stepped in. Ten years past menopause, she carried her own grandchild via surrogacy, and likened the experience to “babysitting for nine months.” Of the experience, Chris said that it was incredible to be able to help bring her grandson into the world.

Of course, with Chris’s age came extra complications (she was 61), but Chris said that she was confident she could handle the pregnancy. “It was a journey we needed to take,” she said.


GMA: Sharing Baby Finn’s Story

Finn is now a happy and healthy toddler, at a year-and-a-half old. Sarah said that watching her own mother carry her baby was definitely “surreal,” but she is filled with so much gratitude towards her. She said that the experience “feels like a miracle.”

When baby Finn is older, Sarah said she plans on sharing the extraordinary story of his arrival into the world with him.


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