GMA: Blair Koenig STFU Blog & Parents Oversharing Personal Experiences


GMA: Blair Koenig STFU Blog

Blair Koenig, the writer of the STFU blog, came by Good Morning America April 3 2013 to talk about parental oversharing and her blog. The blog takes aim at parents who overshare personal details about their children on the internet. The site now has over 1.5 million site views a month. A lot of parents are critical of the site because Blair Koenig doesn’t have kids herself. Now, Koenig even has a book called STFU Parents about the oversharing of parents.

Blair Koenig said that initially, she wanted the blog to be about parents oversharing and not about her. But once she wrote the book, she wanted to come out and be herself.


GMA: Blair Koenig STFU Blog & Parents Oversharing Personal Experiences

Of course babies are cute, so it’s understandable to tell your friends on social media about your children. But Blair Koenig asks, do you really need to share everything?

GMA: Blair Koenig Criticism

Lara Spencer asked Blair Koenig how she responded to criticism that says that since she’s not a parent, she doesn’t understand. Koenig said that more often she gets good feedback from parents who feel better about their parenting after reading the site.

GMA: Blair Koenig Parents Oversharing

Blair Koenig said that it started because of her Facebook friends’ posts. She said that some people don’t have a filter and think that everyone wants to see “their kid’s first poop in the potty.” She’s here to tell you that not everybody does.


GMA: Blair Koenig Share Or Oversharing Game

Lara Spencer and Blair Koenig played a game called “Share Or Overshare.” Lara gave Koenig an example of a thing a parent does and she would say whether it was a share or an overshare. Each of the things Lara Spencer said were real items they found on the internet somewhere.

The first one was a tweet from a mother in the voice of her four-month-old daughter describing a dirty diaper. Blair Koenig said it was an overshare and a little weird. The next one was a mother describing the pain of secretly breastfeeding in a grocery store freezer aisle.

The next one was when two mothers are talking and one is describing her son riding his bike for the first time. The other mother congratulated her and then mentioned that her own son did it a year earlier. Blair Koenig called this “mommy-jacking,” and it’s when one mother tries to outdo the other.


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