Good Morning America: Stars Wear No Makeup & Send Tweets Au Naturale

Good Morning America: Stars Tweet Pictures With No Makeup

We are used to seeing our favorite celebrities on the red carpet all dolled up with tons of makeup perfectly placed on their face, their hair done just right, not too perfect yet not too messy, looking fabulous in the hottest new designer dress. But that may be happening only on the red carpet as stars go bare!

Good Morning America: Stars Wear No Makeup & Send Tweets Au Naturale

Good Morning America takes a look at some of the celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga & Jennifer Love Hewitt who have tweeted pictures with no makeup.

We usually hold celebrities in a higher regard, maybe going so far as to think they always look perfect and pristine, but that is not the case.

Many celebrities have begun tweeting pictures of themselves without makeup, without their hair done, often times just laying in their beds. And many experts say it is a great PR move. By becoming more relatable to their fans, celebrities are making themselves more accessible and more like the average person. This will make more people follow them on Twitter, go to their Facebook page, and get them more fans overall.

Good Morning America: No Makeup Tweets

Lady Gaga tweeted out a picture of herself with no makeup telling her followers to “have a beautiful day.” Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted a picture of herself sans makeup, while Kim Kardashian did the same, with a caption that read “chillin’ with no makeup on.” And even more celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, from Snooki to Demi Lovato. Even Cindy Crawford tweeted she is wearing less makeup now because makeup can make you look older.

Good Morning America: Fresh Salon

Good Morning America sent a reporter to Fresh Salon, a salon with the motto “revealing without concealing.” The stylist said the makeup isn’t necessary. Just lowlight the areas you don’t like.

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