Good Morning America: Co-Hosts Ugly Christmas Sweaters Contest Winner


Good Morning America: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Something about winter weather just brings out the tacky clothes, and ugly Christmas sweaters are back again for the holidays. Pop culture has no shortage of hideous patterned sweaters, seen in television and movies through the years.

Good Morning America calls them kitschy, but they have become a cottage industry, spawning books, websites, and parties every year. Jimmy Fallon has counted down the 12 Days of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and GMA viewers weren’t shy about sending in their own ugly sweaters online.


The joke may be on us, because the so-called “Christmas sweater industry” raked in record profits. That’s interesting, because I had to help someone shop for an ugly sweater this year and at least one store wasn’t selling any sweaters, ugly or otherwise.

GMA: Holiday Sweater Contest


Good Morning America: Co-Hosts Ugly Christmas Sweaters Contest Winner

Good Morning America participated in the ugly Christmas sweaters trend with a contest featuring the co-hosts in elaborate and outlandish holiday sweaters.


Lori Bergamotto returned to Good Morning America as a judge for the co-hosts’ Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. She claims the trend started at a 2001 party, and now it’s a bona fide fashion trend.

George Stephanopolous sported a striped knit pullover in what Lori called a “snowy motif.” Elizabeth Vargas wore a “red cotton confection” with ornaments, reindeer and plenty of flair.

Good Morning America: Lara Spencer Christmas Tree Hat

Lara Spencer wore a small Christmas tree as a hat, combined with her blue Christmas cardigan, also featuring reindeer. She wins for keeping a lighted tree balanced on her head.

Josh Elliott wore a custom sweater with dangling ornaments, adding a 3D element to the concept for a sweater that weighs a total of 12 pounds. The last contestant, Sam Champion, had a cotton toggle holiday sweater decked with jingle bells.

GMA: Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winner

Viewers had the chance to vote for their favorite entry in the contest. Who would you have chosen as the winner?

In an online vote with Yahoo, viewers chose Sam Champion as the contest winner. His prize was a holiday fruitcake, and he gave his jingle bells a celebratory shake.

GMA: Robin Roberts Christmas Tree

The team from Good Morning America planned to visit recovering co-host Robin Roberts and help her decorate her apartment for the holidays. It’s nice that this crew seems to really enjoy one another’s company, and all of us at home are pulling for Team Robin as well.



  1. Mark Cottrell says

    That outfit Robin had on will even make Santa Claus himself turn into the Grinch and put her on the naughty list

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