Good Morning America: Accufacial Review: Is It Better Than Botox?


By Corey Gibson

GMA: Accufacial Review: Non-Procedure Facelift

Accufacial Review: Good Morning America

Good Morning America shared an Accufacial review of the new non-surgical facelift procedure.


The beautiful, stunning and quite pregnant Diana Perez reported on a new facelift procedure that is becoming a big hit in the facelift world. Accufacial is a facelift procedure that uses no type of surgery, although many needles are used in the process, such as would be used in acupuncture.

There is no skin pulling and nothing is injected under the skin. The procedure is said to give the skin more of a glow, opposed to botox, which can be unnatural looking, and only feels like a slight pinch.

Shellie Goldstein, author of Your Best Face Now, a book about the procedure, said “We are taking your face to the gym” and “We work with your energy,” to make your face look younger.


Good Morning America: Does Accufacial Work?

Accufacial is said to make your skin look almost 10 years younger, according to Good Morning America, and many people saw noticeable improvements in their complexion and face within weeks.

Dalia Carella, a patient of Accufacial, said her “skin feels taught and has a glow to it.”

Many of the procedures cost between $150 and $200 per session and 10 sessions are needed before any results can be seen.


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