GMA: Randy Fenoli Advice Alita Graham for Kleinfeld Bridal Gown Review


Eddie Murphy’s Daughter All Grown Up & Modeling

Bria Murphy is Eddie Murphy‘s 23-year-old daughter and a budding fashion model. She revealed secrets of the modeling industry to Good Morning America. From her hilarious father to red carpets to coming into her own, Murphy spills all.

Bria has been in the public eye her entire life, but she often faded into the background behind her family. She said that she has wanted to be a super model since she was born.


“As I got older, I was like, Bria, you can’t want to model and not want to be out there and want to be the center attention,” she said.

GMA: Randy Fenoli Advice Alita Graham for Kleinfeld Bridal Gown Review

Randy Fenoli from Say Yes To The Dress helped bride Alyssa pick her wedding dress live. She chose an Alita Graham for Kleinfeld sparkling strapless dress.

Many of the women she knows in the industry are addicted to drugs and Bria said she also feels the pressure to be perfect and thin. She heard that some women are dipping cotton balls in orange juice and eating them to feel full, but keep the weight off. While she knows that there is the pressure to look perfect for casting agents, she knows that they are just doing their job and she is doing hers. She tries not to take anything personally.


Bria hopes to rise in the modeling ranks and make model for Victoria’s Secret. She said the secret to a perfect walk is fierce eyes, elongating your neck, and no snapping.

Randy Fenoli to the Rescue & Kleinfeld Brides

Alyssa is getting married to her fiance Matt. He proposed to her on Mother’s Day in front of all of her family. She’s getting married today and needs to say yes to a dress. Randy Fenoli from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress came to the rescue.

“Always choose the gown that makes you feel the most beautiful,” Randy said.

Alyssa and her family toured Kleinfelds, the destination for every New York City bride, and came back with three possible dresses. Randy put Alyssa in strapless, sweetheart with sparkle, a detachable two-for-one dress, and a beaded ballgown.

Alyssa chose the strapless sparkler by Alita Graham for Kleinfeld. She felt like a princess in the dress and Randy agrees that everything is perfect with her look. Her family was very supportive about the choice.  The husband-to-be was sequestered so he didn’t see her before the ceremony. Kleinfeldgifted Alyssa the $4,100 Alita Graham sparkler for her wedding.


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