GMA: Pitbull Voices Bufo the Frog in EPIC & How To Perfect Sock Bun


Sock Bun How-To Burning Up YouTube

If you are a regular Pinterest user or like to surf beauty how-tos, then the sock bun is not news to you. A year ago, the sock bun made waves, literally, as it became a new way to get curls over night. Now the sock bun is making its way on to the red carpet.

Stars from Reese Witherspoon to Angelina Jolie to Kate Bostworth have been rocking versions of the “Hipster Sock Bun.” I’m not sure what makes it “hipster” but it really makes doing hair easy.


How To Make the Perfect Sock Bun

GMA: Pitbull Voices Bufo the Frog in EPIC & How To Perfect Sock Bun

Pitbull told Robin Roberts that he felt like a kid hearing and seeing himself in EPIC, out May 25. Pitbull comes back for GMA summer concert series May 31. (Nick Biemans /

Straight from the Ken Paves salon in Hollywood, here are you salon approved tips to getting the perfect sock bun. As a regular sock bun user, I can tell you this takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if your hair fights you back when you try to roll it up.

  1. Put your hair into a pony tail. If you want a high fashion look, put the pony tail high on your head. If you want a simple everyday look, go more toward the back of the head.
  2. Take a clean sock and cut off the toe. Roll it up into a donut shape. You can also buy voluminous bun shapers from Conair that work better. They are harder to roll, but give you the perfect shape.
  3. Roll that pony. Wrap the hair around and around your bun shaper or sock by push the hair under and around. This part takes practice, but once you master it the effect is beautiful.
  4. Pin your fly aways and use hair spray to solidify the bun in place.

Pitbull Performs for GMA Summer Concert Series May 31

Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide, whatever you want to call him, this guy has taken the world of music for his own. He just performed at the Billboard Music Awards with Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera. Last night, he jetsetted from Los Angeles and the finale of Dancing With the Stars to New York for Good Morning America. Tomorrow, May 23, Pitbull kicks off his tour in Boston. On May 31, Pitbull comes back to GMA for the Summer Concert series. Mr Worldwide is no exaggeration.


Pitbull Voices Bufo the Frog in EPIC

While he started in music, Pitbull is taking on a new role as voice over actor in EPIC. He said that his many opportunities have made him very grateful. Pitbull plays a frog, Bufo, and seeing and hearing himself in the film made him feel like a kid again.

“Only frog in the forest with a suit on,” Pitbull said his character is sure to start some trouble in the film. He has a great line where he calls Colin Farrell’s character “the pooper of parties.” Little kids will love that phrase.

The director of the film really wanted a musician for the role. They had Pitbull in mind before the character was even drawn. EPIC opens in theaters Friday May 25.


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