GMA: New High Heel Exercising Trend & $3000 Aston Martin Baby Stroller


GMA: New High Heel Exercising Trend

Good Morning America reported March 1 2013 that there’s a new exercise trend: a low impact, full body workout for women that requires you to wear heels while doing the exercises. That’s right…I said heels. It’s called Heel-Hoop and it was created by dancer and 50 Cent and R. Kelly music video alum Kamilah, who told GMA, “I came straight out of the womb with some high-heeled pumps on.”

GMA: Train’s “Meet Virginia” High Heel Exercising Connection

GMA: New High Heel Exercising Trend & $3000 Aston Martin Baby Stroller

Just got out of the boardroom and you forgot to bring a change of shoes for your workout? No worries. There’s a new exercising trend that’s all about wearing high heels.


Remember when Train’s “Meet Virginia” was sweeping the nation? It had a line about a woman wearing high heels when she exercised. I always wondered about that line and where it came from. Upon seeing this segment on GMA, I wanted to know how extensive this trend was, so I asked a female friend if she’d ever worn high heels while she exercised. It just seems so counter intuitive. Haven’t we all been walking to some fancy event when someone with us, wearing high heels and struggling to keep up at the back of the group, yelled at us to wait, reminding us she’s in heels and we’d better slow down?

The friend I asked said she did it only once because of a song on the radio. After confirming that the song she was talking about was indeed “Meet Virginia,” I had to wonder if the people behind this craze were all Train fans. Did they also drink coffee at midnight and love babies and surprises?

GMA: High Heel Workout Demonstration

Laura Hayes, from NDG Fit, came on GMA to show the hosts how it works. She said it’s a great workout, because it puts you in a resistance posture and you have to make sure you’re properly aligned and that your core is intact. The workouts that Laura Hayes shared looked like pretty standard free weight cardio exercises. Except, of course, for the high heels.


What do you think? Would you exercise in high heels?

GMA: Aston Martin Baby Strollers

Can’t wait to get your kid a race car bed, but your kid is only a baby? Well, don’t worry. Aston Martin, the car company famous for making several of the most popular Bond cars, has started making baby strollers. They’re not race car shaped, though, so if you were hoping to put your six-month-old in a stroller version of James Bond’s car, you are unfortunately out of luck.

The stroller is made of Italian leather and has an air ride suspension. It costs $3,000 and is called the Silver Cross Surf. The strollers will be quite rare, though, because they’re only making 800. It looks like a great stroller if you have the money and you want your baby strolling in style.


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